Dawn – Rise of the Occulites Kickstarter is Live!

21 06 2013

G’day guys,

Just wanted to share the link to the Kickstarter to my first game Dawn – Rise of the Occulites.


Please check it out and share it with your friends so we can smash through the the stretch goals!


Rise of the Occulites Kickstarter this Wednesday 19th June at 9pm US EST

19 06 2013

G’day guys,

I am proud to announce that in partnership with Eagle Games, we are ready to launch the Dawn – Rise of the Occulites Kickstarter this Wednesday 19th June at 9pm US EST

I will post the link to the KS here when it launches, but until then, please spread the word!

Dawn - Rise of the Occulites 3D Box

The full base rulebook will be available to download on launch, so you will be able to properly evaluate whether or not this is the game for you. It is a huge box, with lots of components. You will have the option to purchase the game with coloured plastic figures or with pre-paints if you so choose.

We also have some very cool stretch goals and add ons to help immerse you in the Occulite world. We are very excited to finally share the game with you all.

This has been in development for almost 7 years and it is exciting that after all the tweaks, modifications, additions, subtractions rewrites, blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into it, it finally comes to fruition. A very rewarding experience.

If you have any questions at all, please ask away!



Dawn – Rise of the Occulites on Kickstarter early 2013!

4 01 2013

Rise of the Occulites Saga

The Rise of the Occulites Saga is a series of games that I have designed under my company Darwin Games that explore both the natural and social evolution of a species of creatures called “Occulites”.

These creatures are discovered by a small boy living with his Pa in the Australian Bush, but they are not of our world. This boy, Darwin, can observe and learn about them through “windows in space” which appear to occur naturally throughout his Pa’s property. The Occulites’ world has been named Crepusculum and is a world that evolves and changes very quickly. In the space of several generations, the Occulites evolve from a small Tribal existence, through to full civilizations, with trade, war and diplomacy.

The first game in the Saga has been picked up by Eagle Games (www.eaglegames.net) and will go on Kickstarter in early 2013. This game is called “Dawn – Rise of the Occulites” and is based around small skirmish actions of family Tribes consisting of four members and a Chief. The game utilises something called the “Natural Selection Deck” which helps to determine everything from movement, combat, terrain outcomes and other things within the game. The careful use of these multi-purpose cards is vital in achieving your goals and objectives within the game and introduces many important choices that do matter. To give you an idea of some of the gameplay concepts I have included some video links below:

Occulites in Bushland Upload low res Dawn 10th Nov

Gameplay concepts – Episode One

Full Game playthrough of Basic Rules – Video quality a bit off, but you get the idea.

To find out more about these games, check out the links below:

Rise of the Occulites Saga general information

Rise of the Occulites Blog – http://www.riseoftheocculites.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Darwin-Games/199925236725742

Darwin Games Website: http://www.darwin-games.com.au

Dawn – Rise of the Occulites (Eagle Games and Darwin Games)

The first game in the Saga – small Skirmish with scenario objectives, one off gameplay and full campaign options.

Dawn Box Lid Chosen with extra Luftle 50%

Board Game Geek Game Page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/90274/dawn-rise-of-the-occulites

Eagle Games: http://www.eaglegames.net

Battlelore with Blocks Project

15 07 2012

G’day guys,

I have added a new page to my blog that will detail the current state and all the files for the Battlelore with Blocks Project. You will be able to download block stickers for the existing units and creatures (as I get them done) as well as new races and block stickers for them. The first new race being testing is still the Lizardmen.

The idea is to make the new races more accessible for everyone by using blocks instead of figures (like in C&C:A and C&C:N) Not everyone paints their figures (as its a boardgame), so this way it makes it easier to introduce the new races.



So check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

First Custom Specialist Card for Battlelore – Salamander Hunting Party

3 07 2011

G’day guys,

Just a really quick update today – the first Specialist Card for my custom Lizardmen army for Battlelore.

I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Lizardmen army for Battlelore version 0.8

3 07 2011

G’day guys,

Just letting you all know that based on playtesting and feedback I have made some changes to the document, which are listed below:

* Marsh Dweller ability replaced with At One With Nature to help balance out the entire army in CTA play

* Rarity designations given to each unit to help form a composition of the army.

I am currently working on a set of CTA cards to help you field a Lizardmen army in CTA play. Once this is all balanced, I will bring in the racial heroes.

Feedback and comments really help this project move forward, so I’m very eager to hear your thoughts.

The file is available here: LIZARDMEN ARMY FOR BATTLELORE VERSION 0.8


Botanical Team Playtest file for Nuthin’ But Net released!

14 06 2011

G’day guys,

Just a quick post here to release the playtest rules for a new Nuthin’ But Net team – the Botanicals.

Please download it below and please pass on any feedback or suggestions you may have.


The Botanicals Background Info

Children knew of the walking trees, the Botanicals. Everyone did, for they were part of a bedtime story told to every child across the land. In this story, when the water dried up in the great forest, the trees lifted their roots from the ground and marched – for hours, days and weeks to find more water. Upon coming to a village that had dammed the river’s flow, they quickly and effectively levelled the town and destroyed the dam, before marching back to the forest. This story told of how the people of the world had to live with nature and not deny it – for it would always find a way.

But the Botanicals were fiction. No one had ever actually seen this happen. It was merely a fairy tale… wasn’t it?

For many years, the trees and plants that adorned the stadium gardens across world, watched in silence. They sheltered the fans… waiting… learning, until one day when a stray basketball (kicked away by an overzealous beastmen player) landed in the canopy of a great tree. Before the players or fans knew what was happening, there was a great rumbling and the tree pulled its roots from the ground and strode onto the court, demanding a match.

In disbelief, the beastmen team accepted, only to be beaten soundly by the tree and his fellow plantmen. They had found a way. So began the Botanicals Nuthin’ But Net tournament campaign.