A Frog’s Banquet Print and Play Game Released!

5 09 2010

I’ve been working on a boardgame called “A Frog’s Banquet”. It is a game of catching dragonflies whilst avoiding the dangers that lurk in the frog’s hunting grounds. It plays quickly (30mins approx) and is a game that I think is really fun to play.

It is something that I’ve really enjoyed doing and something that I’ve decided to upload for people to Print and Play it.

It is free to download and play, but I would love to get your feedback on it.

So, without further ado, I present A Frog’s Banquet Print and Play Edition.

Here are the files you need:

A Frog’s Banquet Print and Play Edition Startup PDF

A Frog’s Banquet Print and Play Edition – Rules

Mushroom Log Play Board

Waterfall Paradise Play Board

A Frog’s Banquet Scoreboard

A Frog’s Banquet 2 Player Event Run

A Frog’s Banquet 3/4 Player Event Run

You will need the cards, which you can print from Artscow (already setup to go) here:

A Frog’s Banquet Artscow Card Deck

If you want to discuss the game or ask any questions, please feel free to respond to this post, or post here:

A Frog’s Banquet on Boardgame Geek