Rattrap Productions

Rattrap Productions produce a few different small skirmish miniature games with a difference. They have dabbled in many different eras and styles, but the one thing that makes these games stand out?

The narrative style of the game.

The games played revolve around scenarios which include objectives other than destroy your opponent. You often have encounter markers littering the board (which is often 2’x2′) which add story elements to the game.

For me, their games really suck me in. You need very few models and only a small amount of space, so the entry is very low cost. This means that you may only have 5 models per side (only and example), but those 5 models are ones you can really take your time painting. It also gives you time to construct some very cool boards (just check out the Rattrap Productions Speakeasy Website to see how creative some of them are).

The rules are easy to pick up, but provide an excellent breadth and depth… but most of all, they are fun and let you recreate some pretty cool scenarios.

Below you can find some models that are painted for the Rattrap Engine games. Bear in mind that alot of the models I’ve used in the Song of Blades and Heroes page on this site, I’ve also used in the Rattrap Engine games. 🙂

.45 Adventure

Triffid varieties – Wargames Supply Dump and Hydra Miniatures

Teddies – Eureka Miniatures

Compsognathus – Honorable Lead Boiler Suit Company


Broadsword Adventures

Fantastic Worlds

Hydrissians – Alpha Forge Games

Cephalods – Black Hat Miniatures


Quar – Zombiesmith

They have an expansion for this called Planet X which apparantly will let you create stats for aliens of all varieties. Needless to say I am really hanging out for it.

The Day of the Triffids


Coming soon!


I have (with the help of those at the Rattrap Productions forum) created some stats for the Triffids. There are two varieties. One larger, more dangerous one and a smaller, faster, but less dangerous one.

You can download the files below. Please be aware that they are large files, so please be patient (2.5MB) Just click on the picture you want to download.

All copyrights for the game are held by Rattrap Productions, models are by Wargames Supply Dump and Hydra Miniatures, Triffid is copyright of John Wyndham 1951. No infringement is intended. This is just a fan creation.

Bears in a Lost World

The many adventures of Eureka Teddies.


Sweet as Honey

Click on the following link to download the scenario in PDF form.

Bears in a Lost World – Sweet as Honey

If you are interested in more of these types of scenarios, let me know, I’d be happy to oblige. 🙂


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24 08 2008

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