Mighty Armies

Mighty Armies is an element based miniatures game that can be played on a 2’x2′ table. It was originally designed by Mongoose Publishing, who had six pre-built armies available with a couple of optional troops that you could substitute in. It was a nice game that ran well, but really wasn’t utilised to it’s full extent.

The recent purchase of Mighty Armies by Rebel Miniatures though has breathed new life into a game that had been swept under the carpet by similar games such as Hordes of the Things.

The soon to be released version of Mighty Armies: Fantasy (Rebel Miniatures) will employ a ‘Build Your Own Army’ (BYA) section that will allow you to design your army how you want it. There will be predefined armies to help you get started, but with the BYA section, most players will jump straight into kitting out thier own miniatures.

It is a simple and elegant game that can be learnt in a couple of plays, but not easily mastered. The movement rules don’t get bogged down like I feel they do in Hordes of the Things (which is a great game too, but suffers from being too ‘stuffy’).

A D6 is rolled to determine your available Action Points (AP) for the turn. With those APs, you can move your troops individually or as a group, cast spells and send commands to your troops. Each stand has a Speed, Fighting and Support statistic.

Speed determines how far the stand moves in inches.

Fighting is the number that the primary fighter adds to a D6 roll in combat.

Support is the number that you can add to the primary fighter’s total if it is supporting the primary fighter.

Some stands will be given special rules as well. Some of these can include Shooter (I, II, or III, which allows the stand to shoot in the ranged combat phase), Mobility (which allow the stand to move unhindered through terrain) and Magician (which allows the stand to cast spells by using APs)

I am very excited about Mighty Armies and have begun to create my own armies in 10mm, 15mm and 28mm. As usual, work in progress shots will be uploaded to the Home page within blog posts and completed work will appear below.

Current armies finished:

Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

Goblin Bat Clan Army (15mm)

Goblin Bat Clan General and Shaman

Goblin Bat Clan Assassins

Goblin Bat Clan Spearmen

Goblin Bat Clan Warriors

Goblin Bat Clan Bat Riders

Current armies working on:

Kobold Army (15mm)

Kobold General

Frog Army (15mm)

Frog General

Frog Shaman

Frog Monster

Frog Monster #2

Coroboree Frog Blowpipers

Poison Arrow Frog Rangers

Frog Swordsmen

Frog Archers

Frog Savages

Swamp Dwellers (15mm)

Swamp Dweller General

Swamp Dweller Shaman

Swamp Dweller Gian Lizards

Swamp Dweller Warriors

Swamp Dweller Archers

Swamp Dweller Full army

A range of Lord of the Rings armies (10mm)

Gondor – Boromir and his Citadel Guard

Gondor – Spearmen

Gondor – Archers

Gondor – Rangers of Gondor


Gondor – Riders of the Dead

Mordor – Ringwraith on Fellbeast

Mordor – Mounted Ringwraith

Mordor – Orcs


Moria – Balrog

Moria – Goblins

Isengard – Saruman

Isengard – Lurtz


Isengard – Uruk Swordsmen

Isengard – Uruk Spearmen

Lothlorien – King Thranduil

Lothlorien – Archers

Mirkwood – Ent

Rivendell – Archers

Warrior Frog Army (28mm)

Warrior Frog Veteren Musketeers

Warrior Frog Shell Crushers

Warrior Frog Heroic Spearmen

Turtles and Terrapins Army (28mm)

Turtle General

Terrapin Spearmen 1 & 2

War of the Worlds (6mm)

The Martian Tripods


The British Army


7 responses

6 09 2008
3 08 2009

I’d like to know where you get your frog miniatures? I’d like to find a good frog warrior figure. Please email me so I can find out where to get one!

24 09 2009

Hello, very interessting figures on this page.
please where is possible to buy the Frog and the turtle figures ?
Best wishes from old Germany

24 09 2009

G’day Frog and Martin, the Frog and Turtle figures are from http://www.eurekamin.com.au
They are in the 28mm section under Eureka – Warrior Frogs.
I would love to see how you guys paint them if you end up getting them 🙂

6 03 2012

played anymore Mighty Armies lately? Looking at it to get into a tabletop game that is lighter and faster, how suited would it be for introducing younger gamers (10yo) to tabletop gaming?

6 03 2012

G’day Grim,
I haven’t been able to play lately, but it is a very good game to play with younger gamers. Around 10 is a good age. It is easy to explain and there is much less fiddliness than the likes of HOTT, which makes it much quicker for the kids to be playing on their own.
I hope that helps.

27 07 2012

I LOVE these!!! I’m a fantasy writer and am always looking for inspiration. These are fantastic!

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