Battlelore has for a long time been a favourite game of mine. Richard Borg’s wonderful C&C system works very well to produce fast and exciting battles that are very enjoyable to play.

So far there are three races available – Humans, Goblins and Dwarfs. Sadly it appears as though the line has come to an end prematurely and so this will be a place to deposit all of my custom work for the game.

You will find here a range of things including new races and creatures as well as my Battlelore with Blocks Project, which aims to allow custom armies to be added on easily by anyone wanting to play them. This means you don’t have to find and paint a bunch of new miniatures if you want to play a custom race. I will be designing block stickers to use instead – much like C&C: Ancients and C&C: Napoleonics. Of course people are still welcome to use miniatures if they so choose. To allow all of this to be compatible, I’ll be uploading block stickers for the existing figures as well for greater compatibility. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

New Army Rules

Lizardmen in Battlelore 0.8


Battlelore with Blocks Project

All Infantry stickers are designed for 20mm blocks and Cavalry are designed for 24mm blocks. Sticker sheets will be uploaded in PDF as an expansion or set is complete.

Base Game

Human Shortbow Infantry

Human Irregular Infantry

Human Regular Infantry

Human Heavy Infantry

Human Medium Cavalry

Human Heavy Cavalry

If you end up using these, please post a photo of them in use as I would love to see people using them. If you have any questions, queries, feedback or comments of any kind, please feel free to email me on or to respond below in the comments. You can also jump on and leave a message in the Battlelore with Blocks Project thread which you can find here:

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