Frogfolk Blitzers and update on Kaiju project

21 06 2008

Frogfolk Blitzers

Well I’ve finished painting my two Frogfolk Blitzers. One is based on darker coloured ‘Green Tree Frog’ and the other is based on the ‘Green and Golden Bell Frog’, an endangered frog here in Victoria, Australia.

I have also uploaded a better photo of my Frogfolk thrower. All of these are also added to my Blood Bowl link at the top of the blog.

Update on Kaiju Project

Well, after printing out a number of the road tiles and planning out some city blocks, I decided to stage a mock battle. To be honest, I was dissappointed at the washed out colours of the tiles against the full colours of the monsters and troops.

This seems to be an inherent problem when printing on cardstock using an inkjet printer. So I have started from scratch and will be printing the ground tiles (from the streets of mayhem set and the new hinterland set – which is awesome) on presentation paper (think 360dpi inkjet paper – 100 sheets for about $20) and then gluing them directly onto the board.

The buildings are a different issue and will require some experimentation. The options I see are:

  • Leave them as they are – this will keep the rigidity of the cardstock, but the colours will be lacking
  • Print them on inkjet paper, then glue that to cardstock – this will fix the colour and keep the rigidity, but will need some testing to ensure it works.
  • Print them on inkjet paper and then stick that to foamcore and create the buildings that way – much more sturdy, good colour, but more expensive and time consuming.

Needless to say, I will post samples up here when I decide what to do.

– Ben.

Start of my 6mm Kaiju city board

14 06 2008

Well, after a healthy dose of Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters followed by Godzilla vs Mothra, I had the bug again. I needed a break from painting 10mm and building my Blood Bowl board, so while I’m waiting for my bases for 28mm Mighty Armies, I decided to build a city for some Kaiju to stomp!

First of all, the rules… a quick glance through my harddrive revealed the two big ones for this genre:

Giant Monster Rampage and Monster Island… now there has been much debate as to which is the better of the two… I’m not going to go any further than giving my personal opinion (with the understanding that you may not agree 🙂 )

Both are excellent games, but my preference is Giant Monster Rampage. A bit more detail and I feel it rewards tactics and strategy more than the former. So with rules decided on, I decided on how I was to tackle the terrain.

I went out to Bunnings and bought two 1200mm x 600mm x 12mm MDF boards. They were twice as expensive as the chipboard, but I’ve found every board I’ve done in chipboard has warped.

Next I purchased Mayhem:Downtown and Streets of Mayhem from Worldworks Games. Their cardboard terrain is in my opinion, the best on the market.

Some quick calculations (6mm divided by 28mm = 0.21 roughly) so I would need to reduce the WWG terrain by 21% to scale it to 6mm. That’s pretty easy with your average photo software.

I haven’t decided whether or not to stick the roads straight onto the board or glue them to foamcore so I can use that to do some ditches etc… on the natural half of the board (think city meets the sea/forest) but I have decided on how to handle removing destroyed buildings… magnets.

I just build the buildings (reinforce with foamcore on the base and roof) and then stick a small flat magnet on the bottom. Then beneath a destroyed rubble square. So that the building is held in place until it is destroyed. Then you remove the building and will have rubble there. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Below there are some muck around photos showing some monsters and the terrain in scale.

I will be posting more soon.

– Ben.