SLM Frogs with Tridents

5 11 2010

I was very happily surprised to see Splintered Light Miniatures recently release not one, but two amphibians in 15mm – the Frog Hero and the Villager Personality Toad. Imagine my excitement when I heard from David that he was releasing more frogs!

The first pack has just been released and comprises 6 figures total (2 of each of 3 different sculpts).

These figures are the Frogs with Tridents… and they are awesome!

These figures are very nicely sculpted by Bob Olley and cast. In fact there was nothing to clean up on two of the three sculpts above and the third was cleaned up in under a minute.

The frog on the left is an outstanding sculpt, was a pleasure to paint and just looks fantastic! With the nice Crocodile Dundee necklace around his neck and menacing size, this guy would be a great secondary Hero or Captain figure. he stands around 18mm tall, but is very bulky. A perfect Bullfrog! He is my equal favourite, along with the one on the far right. This guy is ducking down low, moving forward, avoiding the Fox warband’s deadly arrows, shield at the ready. He stands 15mm tall and has a slimmer build, fitting in really nicely with the Frog Hero. The frog in the middle is a very nice figure too. Standing around 17mm tall, he is quite bulky and bulbous, having a more flatter face than his brethren. He is very cute and was the easiest to paint.

As you can see, I’ve kept the paint scheme the same as my Frog Hero, but would really like to paint these up as several different tribes, exploring darker greens, browns and maybe even some exotic Poison Arrow Frog species. I will most certainly post those results when I’ve done them. The board that you can see them on is a work in progress, a 2’x3′ set table for Song of Blades and Heroes/Splintered Lands/Fur and Buttons games that I will post more of later.

Below you will see a nice comparison of all the different frog miniatures released by Splintered Light so far.

As you can see, these frogs really are suited to be the brutes of your warband, but what wonderful brutes you could not find! Figures like these and the Splintered Lands line really make me want to create some HOTT or SAH armies with them, but I have to be strong and stick with 10mm for those… don’t I? …Oh, who am I kidding, it’ll happen soon. Just have to be able to paint faster. It takes me long enough to get a skirmish force to the table!

I eagerly await the arrival of any more frogs that David decides to get done, but whether you are collecting the Splintered Lands figures or not, I must recommend that you get yourselves a set or two of these guys. They are the best 15-20mm frogs on the market by far and are excellent figures in their own right.


nb. I do not work for SLM, I did not receive these for free and was not asked to write a review. I just really LOVE these figures!




3 responses

25 01 2011

I got these for Christmas! I can’t wait to paint them. Great paint job with yours, by the way.

3 02 2012

Brilliant, I love them. Have you seen the ones from Eureka ? I posted about them on my mini gallery a while back, definitely worth checking out with toad mounted frog cavalry too boot ! 🙂

Thaks for sharing and brightening up my miserable afternoon at work !

3 02 2012

Thanks Sigmar. 🙂

Yes, I’ve seen the ones from Eureka – I love that line too.
In fact, I ended up writing a supplement for Song of Blades and Heroes called Song of Fur and Buttons that features their frog, turtle and teddy lines of miniatures.

I hope your work day gets better!

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