I enjoy all manner of miniature games and always have more than one project underway at a time. I’m a big fantasy fan, but enjoy sci-fi as well. My first introduction into wargaming was via Warhammer Quest, which now sits comfortably in my closet at home.

I have moved on to many other games since then and this site is here to showcase my projects as I work on them. The site will contain photos of works in progress, painted models, terrain pieces and many other things.

I hope you find something useful. 🙂


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18 09 2008

Hi Ben,

Would you be interested in swapping links on or blogs? I too have been captivated by Song of Blades and Heroes. My hobby blog focuses on the game using 28mm medieval fantasy models inspired by the Ultima series of RPGs from the 80s and 90s.

27 06 2010
Chris Boersma

Hey Ben!

It’s Chris in Hong Kong. How are you?

I don’t have your email address, but found your blog and thought I could get a hold of you here. It’s a great site!

I won’t say too much here on the blog, but send me a reply so I can give you a debrief of the happens the past few months and we can keep in contact a bit more.

Hope everythings going well mate, looking forward to having a chat.


11 11 2010

Do you have a press contact email address?


1 08 2012
JD Scott

Greetings! I FINALLY managed to track down some TMNT minis to use in Heroscape. I found your Turtles cards on Heroscapers, but the link for the Mikey card was broken. Is there some place I can go to get a copy of that card. (I could probably come up with one on my own, but I’d like it to match the cards you made for the other guys, & I don’t know if I could do that.
JD .

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