Nuthin’ But Net


Two teams are being sculpted currently, HUMANS and GOBLINS. Hopefully if sales are good, we may see more teams being produced!

This is my first published game! Woohoo!

It was a time on Earth before we knew it. Thousands of years of constant warfare drained the fantasy races until finally reason took over and peace was declared. But it was an uneasy peace and the fire of conquest and conflict still flowed in the blood of both human and inhuman alike. From this fierce need for competition a new sport was born. Not one of blood but one of balls…basketballs.

“Nuthin’ But Net”

What Is Nuthin’ But Net?

Nuthin’ But Net is a fast and furious three man (or orc) basketball game where first one side then the other run up and down the court trying to score points by shooting a ball into a basket. Except the rules are limited and old grudges die-hard. Where once armies clashed on the battlefield now three player teams take their “war to the floor” for loot and bragging rights. Nuthin’ But Net allows you to recruit your team, hone your strategy, and stick it to your friends…in a friendly manner of course. What are you waiting for? Lay out the court, pick your team, and let’s go!

“You don’t want to get picked last do you?”


You can soon buy Nuthin’ But Net from here – Impact Miniatures



I am working on a series of Free Expansion Booklets. You can download them below:

nbn-expansion-booklet-1-coverExpansion Booklet 1 – NOW AVAILABLE

expansion-booklet-2-front-cover-blog-resExpansion Booklet 2

Playtest Rules for the “Metacarpals” – A Skeleton team for Nuthin’ But Net (feedback wanted)

Playtest Rules for the “Botanicals” – A Plantmen team for Nuthin’ But Net (feedback wanted)

Expansion Booklet 3 – Coming Soon


Click here to find out how to make your own 3D NUTHIN’ BUT NET COURT

3 responses

27 02 2009
29 06 2010
Mahon @

Just dropped in to check if there’s anything new about the game and it seems the development of this project stopped completely. Any news about it?

Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

30 06 2010

Hey Mahon,
There is a playtest skeleton team called the Metacarpals doing the rounds at the moment.
There is also a Plant-based team in development, but in terms of minis or anything else, I haven’t heard from Impact whether they’re still going ahead or not.
What would you like to see? I don’t own it anymore, but have still been working on rules for it.

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