Kaiju is a genre that basically (to my knowledge) means Giant Monster.
I have always been a fan of Kaiju, first through Godzilla movies, and then through miniatures and board games. The Creature that ate Sheboygan, Monsters Ravage America, Giant Monster Rampage it’s spritual cousin Monster Island and newcomer to the genre… Monsterpocalypse (of which I am waiting on two cases – 1 monster and 1 unit)

Because I dabble in lots of Kaiju games, I have put them all on this page.

Giant Monster Rampage

Giant Monster Rampage is a miniatures game written by Radioactive Press. The first edition is still available in hardcopy from some online vendors, but the second edition (and it’s expansions) are readily available through RPGnow.com and other similar online PDF suppliers.

The game itself revolves around battling “Kaiju” (which translates roughly to giant monster) in Kaiju versus Kaiju and Kaiju vs army/alien battles. Players usually control one Kaiju (or the army) and will rampage through a city, detroying buildings and eating civilians (if evil) or protecting the city from other Kaiju (if good).

Reccommended figures are the 3″ Bandai High Grade Godzilla/Gamera figures available from online vendors such as Clawmark Games. But I have enjoyed using 28mm monster figures pitted against 6mm army figures (which are available from places such as Eureka Miniatures – they carry the Irregular Miniatures line – or Baccus)

The rules include a build your own monster system, which lets you assign physical traits and atomic enhancements to your monster. This is in addition to setting their base stats, such as Strength, Dexterity, Movement and Toughness of course.

The turn sequence is fairly simple. Players roll D10s to decide initiative, highest goes first.

On a players turn, they first roll a D10 for available atomic points (or command points if you play the military) and then (if the Military is not controlled by any player) roll a D10 for Military strikes. You compare the number against a table to see if anything happened to your monster. This can result in loss of atomic points for the round to knockdowns to lost wounds.

Then you can move your monster, perform any ranged attacks it may have (by paying the appropriate atomic point cost) and then any close combat.

The great thing about these simple steps is the designer has spiced up movement and combat by allowing for your monster to do special maneuvers. This can include stomping buildings, pushing a monster, tripping a monster, grappling, throwing, kangaroo kicking and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Then at the end of close combat, you see if your monster regenerated any wounds.

It is a simple system, but has a satisying amount of depth and strategy involved to really make it interesting. For me, this game really hits the spot.

It can be used for not only giant monster combat, but for War of the World style games where you have a trio of Tripods rampaging through a town, capturing civilians, whilst the army tries vainly to hold them back.

Current Projects for this game include:

Painted Monsters

Painted Military

Terrain boards

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