Avatars of War

Avatars of War is a game of gladiatorial combat between powerful groups of individuals aptly called ‘Avatars of War’. It is a very in depth set of rules, which are both available free in low res PDF on their website, and in glorious high definition, full colour, in semi-hard cover for a very resonable price.

The game is supported by a fantastic line of miniatures, which are all superbly sculpted and all have their own unique character about them. Because this is a small skirmish game (where many teams don’t have more than 5 models) you can really go to town on painting the models and preparing an interesting arena for them to fight in. This probably justifies the high cost of the miniatures (in addition to their sculpt quality – which is outstanding). But with the Aussie dollar the way it is, I can’t afford over $30 Australian for a miniature, so I have substituted miniatures that I already had. For instance, I’m using Skink models with Goblin stats until the dollar stabilises. I do intend to buy their models, but not just yet.

However the cost of their book (which is brilliantly put together) is an absolute steal, so I immediately purchased that as soon as it was available. Not only is it much nicer than the PDF, but it supports the company even though I’m not using their miniatures yet.

I intend to build an arena for my Avatars to fight in, but that has been postphoned until after I have finished writing my end of year reports (I hate this time of year!).

Here are some of the models I have painted for this game. 🙂

Lizardmen Skinks (currently using Goblin rules)


Orc Shaman


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