Akitsushima Litoria Clan and 10mm HOTT Lizardmen

25 10 2009

Akitsushima Litoria Clan

Here is a quick photo of another Kermitian Clan about to take to the Akitsushima field.

I give you… the Litoria Clan!Β 


From left to right: Gracilenta (Hunter), Dartaign (from the Dart Frog Clan as Ref), Chloris (Bruiser), Caerulea (Leader on Giant Frog) and Aurea (Reed Bearer).

Playtesting has contined successfully, although the experience system has seen some dramatic overhauls and now works alot better. Here is a mock setup below. The coloured dice are representative of the Dragonflies. Akitsushima will be recommended for a 4 foot table, but for this photo, its on a 3 foot table.

Hopefully I should have some more updates on Song of Fur and Buttons and Akitsushima. Stay tuned πŸ™‚


Hordes of the Things 10mm Lizardmen Army… or at least, the start of.

I have been basing up some 10mm Lizardmen (Warmaster minis) for HOTT. I decided to experiment a bit with the basing and so have gone with 28mm basing, but 10mm figures. I really like the effect.


From left to right: A Skink Command (Hero, Horde or Warband), Skinks (Horde or Shooter), Skink Salamander Handlers (Artillery, Shooters, or Beasts (with a smaller depth – 40mm instead of 60mm), and in the back a Lizardman God (28mm Kroxigor and 10mm Skinks – God or Behemoth)


Akitsushima Team Photo

29 07 2009

Akitsushima – The Land of the Dragonflies Team Photo

Well, here is the first team photo of the Kermitian “Marsh Frog Clan” Akitsushima Team

Kermitian 'Marsh Frog Tribe' Akitsushima TeamThe team from left to right:

Dumerellii (Reed Bearer), Bibronii (Referee), Peronii (Frog Rider – Cpt), Ornatus (Hunter), Fletcherii (Hunter)

The team is a new entry to Akitsushima and the Captain has chosen the Poison Dart option to start with. The referee is always from a different clan, in this case, the Pseudophryne clan. Each member of the team has a set of abilities that help them play the sport. As your team increases in experience, you can train your players to be specialties, such as Jesters or Herders. You can also increase their stats or give them bonuses to help the team out.

Basic playtesting for the game has gone very well and I am now working on the campaign and experience rules, including different arenas and Guest players such as Sir Maurice Fursworth, the first non-Kermitian to ever participate. An honor bestowed upon him after helping defend the Kermitians from the Picnic Bear/Terrashell attacks.

I will be looking for external playtesters in the near future, so if you have any questions, please reply to this post or email me at ben.boersma@gmail.com


Song of Fur and Buttons Now Available!

19 07 2009

Well after alot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, Song of Fur and Buttons has been released and is now available from Wargame Vault for the usual Ganesha Games price of $8.00 USD

This time however the book is in full colour with lots and lots of photographs, depicting the scenarios and the story.

SFB Cover final
Song of Fur and Buttons on Wargames Vault

So what is Song of Fur and Buttons?
Song of Fur and Buttons is a campaign book for the Origins Award Nominated Skirmish rules Song of Blades and Heroes. It follows the exploits of three adventurous Teddy Bears, Sir Maurice Fursworth, Sir William Cuddlesbury and Sir Uppity Paws.

The book contains 12 story chapters, each accompanied by a scenario. Fight, catch and ride dinosaurs, make alliances with the Kermitians, swashbuckle pirates, duel on board Captain Longfur’s ship, fight off the Picnic Bear/Terrashell armies while trying to save your friends.

The story is based on Eureka’s fantastic Teddy Bear and Warrior Frog lines and is perfect for parent/child gaming, or just for adults who like to have fun. Remember, nobody ever dies in this book! A few stitches and some stuffing and your heroes are back on the battlefield before you can say “Honey and Milk”.

You can of course reuse the scenarios with your own figures as each one is different and unique.

I am happy to answer any questions, but I really hope that you all enjoy it.


You can get the book from Wargames Vault

You can get the miniatures from Eureka Miniatures

Picnic Bear and Terrashell Alliance

20 06 2009

Behold! The Picnic Bear and Terrashell Alliance!

Coming soon in Song of Fur and Buttons…

Picnic Bear and Terrashell alliance

Miniatures are from Eureka Miniatures and the dinosaur is from Schleich.

– Ben

Bits and Bobs

14 06 2009

This is just a very small update for the moment as things have been very hectic around here. I really want to get some more painting done so I can post more units up, but so far it has been a little more real life and work related.

Song of Fur and Buttons

Photos continue to be taken for this expansion which is nearing closer to final layout completion each and every day. I was playing around with some photos and I took this one (which I rather enjoyed). The dinosaur is from the Shleich line of dinosaurs and is not retouched in any way. That is the store bought paintjob.

Scared the stuffing out him!

Kermitian Akitsushima – aka Land of the Dragonflies

Kermitian Akitsushima is a game I’ve been working on behind the scenes. Akitsushima is japanese for Land of the Dragonflies and in the game represents the name of an ancient Kermitian sporting field where teams compete to catch the most Dragonflies. The game will use the basic Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics with several twists and minor modifications to help it suit the sporting arena.

The release of this game will depend on the success of Song of Fur and Buttons and may be included if there was ever a Song of Fur and Buttons 2.

Playtesting on the basic game is set to begin in the next week or so, with the campaign rules still being written as we speak.

Fear and Faith Campaign Supplement – Ghost Rangers “Whom Shall You Call?”

This supplement is currently being written as a homage to a certain movies. It will provide rules to play Fear and Faith games set in the Ghost Rangers universe, but will also provide a short 4 scenario mini campaign. Look out for more information shortly.

Battlelore Project

After much debate I’ve chosen my Troll. As cool as the Splintered Light Miniatures one is, its just far too small compared to the other figures to be represented accurately. Remember that this guy has an attack of 6! He needs to be big and menacing. So I chose the Troll from the Warhammer Battle of Skull Pass set. Its a perfect size and looks very intimidating. I’ve just based him on a 40mm washer so I can reuse him for everything from Battlelore to Song of Blades and Heroes to Mighty Armies or HOTT (with a custom base using a holesaw)

Alternate Troll - Chosen

Nuthin’ But Net

I have also been writing more material for Nuthin’ But Net, with rules for an All Star Dunk Competition in nearing playtest, in addition to a 3 point competition and the Plantmen team. Alternative team rules are also being worked on, but I don’t know when it will see the light of day. Just know that it is being worked on πŸ˜‰ I’m particularly excited about the Slam Dunk Competition which plays like a game all of its own.

Well, that turned out to be more info than I was originally going to write, so I hope you found it interesting. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

– Ben.

Being Sick Isn’t a Picnic… or is it?

2 06 2009

Well, I’ve been crook for the last week, so I haven’t got alot done (besides watching lots of Lost, The Muppet Show and Futurama in bed). But I did want to share something on this blog, so am here with an update on Song of Fur and Buttons and my Battlelore Project.

Song of Fur and Buttons

Although I haven’t been able to work on this for the past week, it is almost laid out and the photos are making their way into the book a bit at a time. Below you can see the dreaded Picnic Bears, who have aspirations of not only taking over the Honey Fields, but the whole of the world, one fluffy step at a time. Here you can see them moments before launching their attack against the Colonial/Kermitian alliance in the Swamps near Mozzie Point.

Picnic BearsClick to enlarge photo

Battlelore Project

In regards to my Battlelore Project (which I am really enjoying by the way! πŸ™‚ ) I have received my Troll from Splintered Light Miniatures (along with their entire collection of Druid’s Children – bloody brilliant figs!) The Troll is a very cool miniature, but for my Battlelore Project, I think he is too small. What is your opinion? I have provided a photo of it next to the Giant Spider and the Hill Giant. I have also provided a picture of a GW Lord of the Rings Cave Troll with them to show another option. Not sure what to do yet.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

SLM TrollAlternate Troll

I will hopefully have more updates over the next week – now I’m off to write some reports! 😦

– Ben.

Special Birthday Cake and Photos of Models in New Basing

26 04 2009

G’day, just a brief update today.

I recently had my 27th birthday. I celebrated with a few close friends and caught up with family. They all know that I’ve been working on Song of Fur and Buttons, which is based on the Teddy Bear models produced by Eureka Miniatures. Little did I expect my mum to bake a cake quite like the following.


Needless to say I was wrapped! So a big thanks to my mum for not only taking an interest in what I’m doing, but to follow through with such an awesome cake! Thanks mum. πŸ™‚ xoxo

I also just thought I’d post some photos of how the new bases look with a variety of models sitting in them. You can click on them to view them at a larger size.

ERM15 Frogfolk


Unreleased Rebel Minis Swamp Dwellers


Splintered Light Miniatures Bat Goblin Clan Bat Riders


Splintered Light Miniatures Bat Goblin Clan General and Shaman Bases

(Notice the removable tree to help with creating interesting scenes on the bases – this can also be applied to capturing enemy flags, heroes etc…)


Well, hopefully soon I can give you some more updates on Song of Fur and Buttons, Dusk and Mighty Armies Invasion, which are all going quite well. πŸ™‚

– Ben.