Bears in a Lost World Scenario One: Sweet as Honey

24 09 2008

The update today is a PDF file of what hopefully becomes the first in a series of scenarios for Rattrap Productions’ 45 Adventure.

The series of scenarios revolves around a group of heroic Teddy Bears: Sir William Cuddlesworth, Sir Maurice Fursworth and Sir Uppity Paws.

The scenario I have uploaded is entitled “Sweet as Honey” and is a detailed write up of the game we played the other night. I have tried to make it look as fun and presentable as possible, but would love to get some feedback on the scenario itself (if you feel like playing it) and if this is something you would like to see more of. πŸ™‚

So, without further ado, I am pleased to present, Bears in a Lost World – Sweet as Honey

– Ben.

PS. More updates in the next couple of days will include the first Uncharted Seas ships I’ve painted, some more Fantasy Football Halflings and some Seven Year Picnic Teddies.

The Last Moments of Sir William Cuddlesbury

22 09 2008

I figured over my holidays, I may just add things in dribs and drabs over the next two weeks, so hopefully, there will always be something new to see! (That’s the plan anyway!)

The first in this mini-update is really a photo I took of the last moments of Sir William Cuddlesbury from a game of .45 Adventure we played last night. I have done a really quick and dirty photoshop on the photo… so it looks a little cobbled together, but you get the idea. πŸ™‚ You can click on it to enlarge it like all the other photos on this site. πŸ™‚ The caption of the photo is inspired by a member of BGG who posts some simply outstanding Gaslight photos with humourous subtitles.

Click, click, click… not the best time to run out of ammo thought Sir William Cuddlesbury.

The game was a pretty simple one really. There were three teams with one Grade 2 model each. We used Sir William Cuddlesbury (the Rouke’s Picnic Teddy), Sir Maurice Fursworth (a Seven Year Picnic Teddy) and Sir Uppity Paws (another Seven Year Picnic Teddy). Around the 2’x2′ board was scattered ten honey pots. The object of the game was to retrieve as many honey pots as possible.

The twist was there were several spawn points (one in each corner of the board) which produced a bunch of Compsognathus’ who promptly began to tear the stuffing out of the teddies. In addition to this, whenever you retrieved a honey pot, you drew a card, if it was a red suit, you would perform an extra roll for each spawn point. Needless to say, the board was crawling with Compies (so we didn’t use their Stalking rule).

Alliances were quickly broken with teddies running all over the board trying to make sure that another teddy was between them and the compies.

Much fun was had by all!


Compies, Teddies and Triffids Oh My!

19 09 2008

Well, that was one hectic week at work. The last week of Term 3 at our school is always Planning Week. This means that you get one day to plan with your grade level what you’re going to do for the next term. The specialists take your grade for the day, which is fine… you go out for lunch, grab books from the library, type up unnessessary planning documents etcetera πŸ™‚ … but then for the rest of the week, you have no time off…. all I can say is I’m glad it’s now holidays! So after spending four hours between yesterday and today on doing a paper animation of the life cycle of a frog (for a competition), I can spend my energies in other ways.

Despite the hectic week, I still found some downtime to unwind and paint some models.

I began painting up some little Compsognathus’ that I bought from the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company. Very nice little models that paint up quickly. Here is the colour scheme that I decided on. I have based them on small washers, as the normal 25mm bases looked a bit silly under them. I have about 20 of these little guys that are going to try and swarm all that come into their territory. I will be using them for my Lost Worlds games using the Rattrap Productions engine.

Speaking of the Rattrap Productions engine, I also painted up a Rouke’s Picnic Teddy (from Eureka Miniatures) to go up against these little guys. ‘Sir William Cuddlesburry’ will of course need some jolly friends to adventure with, and I simply LOVE the miniatures in this line, so they won’t be too far off I dare say old chaps. πŸ™‚

I also had the chance to paint some more Triffids during the course of the week. Here is an example of another pose of the Wargames Supply Dump Carnivorous Plant line.

After picking up some new paints (due to the drying out of some old ones) I decided to try another paint scheme for my 15mm Frogfolk models (as I found some hiding away in my model drawers). I actually really like the darker coloured greens and have decided that these vicious frogs will be savages or tribal hunters. With the new Mighty Armies Fantasy playtest underway in earnest, I will be statting these guys out to reflect this. (I just noticed that I may have to touch up the base a bit… whoops)

With the new Song of Blades and Heroes supplement (Song of Wind and Water) out, I decided to add to my Warrior Frog warband. I tried a different colour scheme for his shell which I quite liked… my g/f says she prefers the other one, but this one’s “Ok I guess”. πŸ™‚

The next models I painted were quite by accident. Not that I slipped and on the way down my paintbrush hit them, but it was raining and cold and I had run out of black undercoat. The only models that were already undercoated were some Night Goblins, so I painted them up. I thought I could use them in either SoBH or, along with the Warrior Frogs (which I have affectionately called Kermitians), I could use them for Broadsword Adventures.

And last but not least, before starting on the new Siringit team that I bought from Impact Miniatures (which I’m scared to paint because they are so cool and I don’t know where to start), I thought I would paint up my Halfling Fantasy Football team that has sat in my cupboard for far too long. They are cute little models which paint up pretty quickly. I’m fairly happy with the colour scheme (which was based off the New York Knicks) It did highlight to me however, that I need to buy some more skin coloured paint. The stuff I have at the moment is drying up fast and as a consequence, really doesn’t go on very smoothly.

In addition to all that I was even able to get in a few playtest sessions of my first game that will hopefully see a public release by the end of the year… more on that when we’re further along. πŸ™‚

Well, that was my week. I always try to have goals within my projects, progressively painting a few miniatures from this project and a few from that one to keep it all fresh. So I hope you can all see a slow progression throughout these projects. But as everyone is familiar with, sometimes something comes up that I get the urge to paint (or I get the courage to paint something that has been mocking me on my painting desk for months!) So I hope this blog doesn’t feel to ‘bitsy’ but more like a natural progression through my thinking and working process.

Anyways, I’ll leave it at that for this week and I hope you enjoyed this entry. So until next time, take care!

– Ben.

Triffids and 2×2 Foot Multi-purpose board

24 08 2008

Well, after a terrible week work wise, I can say “Thank god for the hobby!”. It certainly kept me sane this week.

I have been very busy, but alot of what I’ve done is in playtesting for a couple of games. It’s been great fun. I have been working on some Triffid scenarios for .45 Adventure by Rattrap Productions (with some great help and suggestions from people on the RP forum – including some help with the stats from Rich)

In preparation of playing these, I have started to paint up some Triffids. The models I chose were the Triffid models from Wargames Supply Dump and the Vardu Sprouts from Hydra Miniatures (which I have fallen in love with and eagerly await more of – fantastic models!)

You can download stat cards to use them in your Rattrap Production games on the Rattrap Production area of my blog here.

These photos are of course not to scale (the Vardu Sprout is much smaller than the Triffid)

I have been also been working on a 2×2 foot board that can be used for any Rattrap Productions game and also for Mighty Armies. How? Well, by just laying down the actual lay of the land, I can use removable terrain of different scales to suit the game I want to play.

I used a 16mm thick piece of MDF for the base board. Then I framed it with 70mm wide pine pieces stood up to act as a dice barrier. This will also mean that because it sits higher than any other part of the terrain (because I’m using removable trees based on CDs etc…) I can stack these boards for easy storage! πŸ™‚ Then I cut some 12mm blue polystyrene into the shapes that I was after. I cut a creek into the terrain and put a small hill/outcrop. Any high hills can be added as removeable terrain later.

Here is some of the work I’ve done on the board so far.

Before painting I glued some ballast of varying sizes in the creek bed and in select spots around the high/outcrop.

You can see that I have undercoated it with black paint here. I brushed this on to avoid melting the polystyrene.

Next I used a textured brown paint (bought in a sample pot) to roughly paint over the terrain. I used criss-crossing brush strokes to build up a good texture. This stuff is great because as it dries, you get shadows where the paint thins a bit, your standard colour and also a lighter brown as highlighting as the raised parts dry. Great stuff. Once this is done, I can mix up some resin for the creek and add some grass/flocking stuff too. But all in good time. πŸ™‚

I have begun to try and do some of the removeable terrain, but need to find something larger than CDs I think… we’ll see. Where the hole is, I will be gluing in a Woodland Scenics tree.

Stay tuned for more next week. πŸ™‚

– Ben.

Long overdue update!

9 08 2008

Well, the start of term for my regular job has seen my hobby projects come grinding to a slow trickle…

But I have been able to get some work done on several projects more recently which I will update you all on now.

I’m still working on my 15mm Frog Army for Mighty Armies by Rebel Miniatures, I have another giant frog and 3 bases worth of 15mm frogs undercoated ready to go (along with another army I am working on… more on that soon). I have been able to paint up and base a Poison Arrow frog unit. I envisage this unit as being a medium range hitter, but with the ability to be competent in close combat also. I am wanting to give them a Poison special ability as well.

One of the other projects I’ve been working on behind the scenes is for some of Rattrap Productions rulesets.

I have been madly sourcing dinosaurs to run a Lost Worlds game. I was able to get some Raptors from Ral Partha… very cool little guys. I also have been able to souce some of the Tamiya Raptors to act as a larger species (as the Ral Partha ones are very small). I am eagerly awaiting to see when the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company will be putting up their new Dinosaur miniatures on the website. Aparantly they are releasing some Compsognathus’ and some other pretty cool minis. Keep your eyes peeled! I will be placing an order for some Copplestone figures as well. But so far, I have nothing painted.

I have however painted a bunch of figures for their Fantastic Worlds game. Their upcoming supplement to this – Planet X – will provide more comprehensive rules for fielding alot of the more alien varieties of figures, but have been able to utilise their rulesets to come up with stats for Zombiesmith‘s Quar among other things (Black Hat Miniature‘s Cephalods).

Here is what I have painted up so far:

I finally caved and placed an order for Spartan Games Uncharted Seas, which not only looks incredible, but has received some very favourable reviews. I can’t wait to get my hands on that when it ships out here to the great land of Oz. Yes, the ships are larger than the Man O War ones, but from discussions I’ve read on their forum, they will be filling out the game with a variety of species/races, including adding more ships to the existing factions. Sounds like a great time to jump ‘on board’ so to speak. πŸ™‚

Anyways, that’s all for this time. I hope to get another update up shortly. I apologise for the delay with this one. I will endevour to keep this updated at least once a week from now on. πŸ™‚

– Ben.