Song of Blades and Heroes

Song of Blades and Heroes is a simple, yet deep set of fast play skirmish rules written by Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games.

When I stumbled across this set of rules, I was looking for a game that:

  • Was a small skirmish game
  • Had simple rules so play was fast and decisive
  • Had enough depth that held my interest
  • Wasn’t fiddly with measuring
  • Let me use figures that I already had and,
  • Let me play a few games in a night.

After looking through the rules, it was clear to see that I had found my game.

Average games run with 6-15 models. Each figure has only two stats (Quality and Combat) and then some figures had special rules which increased both the variety and tactical nuances of the game. It uses measuring sticks (Short, Medium and Long) instead of using inches or centimetres and came with figure creation rules that let me field whatever figures I had.

Add to that, most 300 point games generally last around half an hour, so several games can be played in a night and I was sold.

Ganesha Games has also released an expansion – Song of Gold and Darkness, which introduces rules for exploring dungeons. They also have another expansion in the works called Song of Wind and Water which introduces rules for wilderness settings, detailed terrain rules and more scenarios.

Building on the Song of Blades and Heroes engine, Ganesha has also put out a post apocalyptic game called ‘Mutants and Death Ray Guns’ which I was lucky enough to help playtest.

Below you will find some of my warbands and terrain for use with Song of Blades and Heroes. The models have their associated stat line that I have created for them by using the design rules available on the Song of Blades and Heroes Yahoo group (in the links section) above the model’s photo.


Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

Frogfolk 28mm

Frogfolk Warband Group Shot (Large file, please wait to load after clicking on it)

Frog Veteran – 90 points – Q:3 C:2 – Amphibious, Leader, Tough, Shooter (Short)

Frog Hero – 76 points – Q:3 C:4 – Amphibious, Hero

Frog Reed Bearer – 24 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Fearless, Standard Bearer (new rule from SWW)

Frog Drummer – 46 points – Q:3 C:1 – Amphibious, Leader

Frog Shell Crusher – 26 points – Q:5 C:4 – Amphibious, Savage

Frog Pikeman – 32 points – Q:4 C:3 – Amphibious, Free Disengage

Frog Spearman – 32 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Acrobat

Frog Spearman – 32 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Acrobat

Frog Musketeer – 26 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Shooter (Medium)

Frog Musketeer – 26 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Shooter (Medium)

Seven Year War Teddies – Photos soon

Turtles and Terrapins – more photos soon

The Turtle Terrapin army is built with the philosophy of Slow but Steady wins the race. They will activate fairly easily, but are hampered by their either Slow or Short Move specials. The leader was inspired by Leonardo (aka the Fearless and Leader specials) I hope you find them enjoyable to use.
I recommend the Eureka line of Turtles/Terrapins for these guys with the Reaper Tortoise monster model for the Giant Monster Turtle.


Turtle Rifleman
Points 28 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special Rules Heavy Armor, Shooter: Medium, Slow
Terrapin Spearman
Points 26 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special Rules Amphibious, Gregarious, Short Move
Turtle Bowman
Points 28 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special Rules Heavy Armor, Shooter: Short, Short Move
Turtle/Terrapin Sniper Team
Points 44 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Heavy Armor, Sharpshooter, Slow, Stealth
Turtle Standard Bearer
Points 36 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special Rules Fearless, Heavy Armor, Standard Bearer
Turtle War Drummer – Personality
Points 50 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special Rules Heavy Armor, Slow, Terror
Turtle Commander – Personality
Points 76 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Fearless, Heavy Armor, Leader
Giant Monster Turtle – Personality
Points 65 Quality 4+ Combat 4
Special Rules Greedy, Group Fighter, Heavy Armor, Huge, Short Move, Tough

Sock Puppets – Photos when I’ve bought and painted them 🙂

Sock Puppet Light Infantry

Points 20

Quality 4+

Combat 2

Special Rules


Sock Puppet Light Cavalry

Points 40

Quality 3+

Combat 2

Special Rules

Mounted, Opportunistic

Zombie Sock Puppet

Points 8

Quality 5+

Combat 1

Special Rules

Evil, Savage, Short Move, Undead

Sock Puppet Foot Knights

Points 27

Quality 4+

Combat 3

Special Rules


Sock Puppet Mounted Knights

Points 36

Quality 4+

Combat 3

Special Rules

Mounted, Steadfast

Sock Puppet Commander – Personality

Points 56

Quality 3+

Combat 2

Special Rules

Dashing, Leader

Sock Puppet Smelly Standard

Points 33

Quality 4+

Combat 2

Special Rules

Distract, Standard Bearer

Night Goblins – Stats soon

Night Goblin Hero

Night Goblin Shaman

Forest Goblin Spider Rider

2’x3′ fixed terrain board

30mm Scale Paper Miniatures by One Monk

I made this Kobold using a TIFF file produced by One Monk Miniatures – very cool


9 responses

9 06 2008

Cool warband and the terrain board is realy nice, great job.

11 12 2008

Who makes those frogfolk minis? Today on eBay I found an auction for “Grenadier Gamma World Frog Folk.” I’m not selling them, but I thought you might be interested.

P.S. My Ultima XXVIII blog is gone, It has been rolled into my other historic hobby blog,

11 12 2008

Hey Andrew,
Eureka Miniatures ( makes the Frogfolk minis. They are some of my favourites! 🙂
Thanks for the heads up on the Gamma World Frog Folk, but I couldn’t find the auction, do you have a link? Thanks.

I will update your blog link in my blogroll. 🙂 I like your mammoth!
– Ben.

2 04 2010

The quality of the Frog Folk miniatures is not high quality (and not Gamma World either–they’re ). The seller is a recaster (I found this out to my regret after spending $30 for a set of Gamma World badders). I reported the guy to ebay but they’re more interested in the $$ than upholding someone else’s rights.

2 04 2010

That sucks – sorry to hear that mate.
You have to be careful on ebay that’s for sure. I’ve had my fair share of recasts unfortunately.


28 08 2011
Uchiha Blood

I’ve heard you can use a hex board for this game. Have you tried playing on Heroscape hexes?

28 08 2011

Yes, you can use heroscape hexes. I much prefer the game using free range terrain though. The hexes are quite limiting in this particular game. I don’t like measuring at the best of times, but the ability to move from one end of the measuring stick to another, with no concern over measuring just right is fantastic.
That being said, I know of several people that play on Heroscape hexes and love it. So YMMV. 🙂

4 01 2013
Jay Hendry

Just out of interest, what is a recast? I assume that it is something to do with remelting models, or something, but, what is it?

4 01 2013

Its basically when someone takes an existing sculpt that has been produced by someone and makes a mould of it to create new metal castings without having to pay the original sculpt producer for them.
Sadly, these are often resold illegally and prevents the original creator from benefiting from their own creations and can have follow on effects such as loss of income which can lead to future ideas not being produced.

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