Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a miniatures game of Fantasy Football. It was originally written by Jervis Johnson many years ago. Since then it has undergone several revisions. The Living rulebook is available from here.

Blood Bowl is a two player game that is usually played in around two hours.

It is great fun, but for me, the play time was a bit too long. So I tried a fast-play version called Blood Bowl 7s. You can find it here.

This has been a godsend for me and have really enjoyed playing it.

Finshed Blood Bowl 7s Board

Here is a photo of the finished board.

The pitch itself is made of black foamcore which has been scored with a ball point pen. It was then painted with brown textured paint and randomly flocked with Spring Green fine ballast. The lines are painted on with white acrylic paint.

The pitch was glued onto a large MDF board which was also painted with the brown textured paint.

I created some turn track markers by casting some plaster stones from a Woodland Scenics small rock mold. The trick I used to keep the stones strong was to mix in an equal amount of PVA glue to water solution into the Plaster of Paris instead of the straight water. It has worked really well I think. The rocks were then mounted on 25mm bases and painted. I added some hills to the corners of the board for interest and some trees.

I glued my score board to the MDF (a brief how-to for the score board can be found in my previous posts – tagged Blood Bowl) in addition to my dugouts that I made. To do this I used a low melt hot glue gun. I also added some trees on this side to add interest.

Well, that’s it! I’m really happy with the board and look forward to my first game on it tomorrow! Any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂


Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

Lizardmen BB7s team

Chaos Dwarf BB7s team

Pharohs (Khemri) BB7s team

Thoth, Sobek 1 & 2, Ra

Nekhbet, Bast, Anubis 1 & 2

Frogfolk (Slaan) BB7s team

Frogfolk Thrower

Frogfolk Catcher

Frogfolk Catcher 2

Frogfolk Lineman 1

Frogfolk Lineman 2

Frogfolk Blitzer 1

Frogfolk Blitzer 2

Halflings BB7s team

Yet to start:

Cephalod (using as Goblins) BB7s team

Siringit team

As I complete different Blood Bowl related projects, I will post the results here.

Of course most of what you see here will be shown as a work in progress in my blog posts. Please refer to the Categories section to find them. Enjoy!

7 responses

6 09 2008
Boromir and Kermit’s Hobby Page

[…] Blood Bowl […]

8 06 2009

That is a one sweet looking BB board. Just counting the squares on it. Is it long and wide enough got BB? official BB pitch is 26 long 15 wide.

what size is it over all? I ask as I want to make a more solid one rather than use the cardboard pitch.

8 06 2009

Thanks Mike.

I know an official BB pitch is 26×15, but my board is for Blood Bowl 7s, which uses an 11×19 size pitch, a few less players and some other adjustments. The games finish quicker and I don’t have to have as much room for the board or paint as many figures. I very much enjoy it this way. I’ve also used it for Elfball successfully as well.


28 09 2009
Wesley van Steenis

This is really impressive work, I specially liked the paintjob you pulled on the chaos dwarf team, great job!

Grtz, wes

7 08 2010
Bennett M.

Really cool! Did you make the frogfolk?

7 11 2010
Paul O'Grady

Love your work – it looks great! Your scoreboard is very effective – can’t believe I hadnt thought of those magnetic sheets before…

Still playing 7s? Which rules variant for it do you use?


7 11 2010

Thanks mate. It works rather nicely. 🙂

I haven’t played 7s for ages to be honest (or Blood Bowl at all). But when I did, I used the official variant that was downloadable from the Specialist Games website (long gone now I think). It was a great game, but I’ve moved onto Elfball now which I really love. It uses a small number of figures – 10 – which I really enjoy as it means I can paint up more teams and its a lot of fun to play. If you enjoyed 7s, it might be worth trying out.

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