SLM Aardvark Hero Mini Review

12 09 2010

Welcome to the third mini review. This time, we have a look at the Aardvark Hero from Splintered Light Miniatures’ Druid’s Children line. This mini can be found in Hero Pack 3.

The mini itself is roughly 15mm to the eye and 18mm to the top of the ears. It is a single piece cast and is sculpted by Bob Olley. It is a very nice sculpt and great to see niche creatures getting some love for once! The miniature required a minuscule amount of clean up before painting. It basically had some “vent tails” to knock off and some levelling of the bottom of the base. All in all, less about a minute’s work (mainly to find them).

This Aardvark miniature fits in perfectly with the existing Splintered Lands line (especially being a little smaller than the Turtle Wizard and Frog Hero, the second of which is one of the larger minis in the range) The sculpting of his cute little face is fantastic and certainly defines this little guy nicely. He isn’t in any particular “heroic pose” and so if more Aardvarks are released in the future, he may get lost in amongst the regular warriors, but at that stage I may rebase him onto a more scenic base to reflect his heroic nature.

Click on the image to see a larger version

He was very fun to paint, but due to the nature of the colours I used and the texture on the fur, it required a number of highlights and inkings for me to be happy with the transition between hair and skin (on the face, snout and tail). This may be me being not particularly great at it, or could be me being picky. But this little guy is a great addition to the line and my third favourite mini the Druid’s Children Hero Pack 3, which is evidently, one of my favourite packs in the range.

The aim is to move onto a few of the figures in the Splintered Lands Villagers pack and then move onto other figures that I enjoy painting. Some of these include the Otters, the Rats and more. If you have something you’d like to see, just let me know and I’ll try to get a mini review up. As I do some of the more rank and file figures, I’ll be reviewing packs as a whole (for example Otter Archers – 2 sculpts). So this might take a bit longer to get these up. I will jump around a bit – this is in part to help cover some of the different races, but mostly due to my serious lack of attention span, so I like to mix it up a bit.





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