Splintered Miniatures Frog Hero Review

9 09 2010

The first in a series of new Druid’s Children Hero models painted by me.

These figures are outstandingly fun to paint, but I have a huge soft spot for this Frog Hero. I look forward to seeing more of his type from Splintered Light Miniatures soon.

The Frog Hero figure is roughly 18mm to the top of his head and is on the large side in terms of bulkiness.

The sculpt is crisp and clean and was an absolute pleasure to paint. The sculpt takes washes well, pooling nicely into the right spots, making this a very easy figure to paint. I used a base colour, which was inked and then highlighted with the base colour. I think very effective considering how easy the process was. There was very little to clean up, with just a small, what looked a mold-line on the edge of the swords and one or two tiny strands of metal off the base (I think they are called ‘vent tails’ or something) that came straight off with my nail. The little details like the leaf on his arm and the “Crocodile Dundee” style necklace really help make this such a nice figure to have in the collection.

It is available from Splintered Light Miniatures in the Hero Pack 3 in the Druid’s Children line. It comes with an Aardvark Hero, Prarie Dog Hero, Turtle Wizard and Racoon Highwayman/Bandit. I plan to upload photos of them too as I paint them. These figures are from an extensive and ever-growing range of figures that I would love to see continued success from. They work well within their own context, but scale nicely as talking animals against 28mm figures as well.

I have no affiliation with SLM and am not a sock puppet. I just REALLY love the line and want to see it experience the success it deserves. Keep up the great work David!





One response

10 09 2010

Fantastic stuff as always! I like the look of your terrain as well- very natural.

I’m a huge fan of Splintered Light myself, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the minis.

*you may not be a sock puppet, but something about your name makes me think that you might be a muppet… 😉

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