Holiday Projects

1 01 2010

G’day and a Happy New Year to all!

I just thought I’d share a couple of quick photos with you all of some projects I’m undertaking over the holiday break.

For SBH, I’m putting together some modular terrain using Hexon II terrain hexes – coming along nicely.

Using the Hexon II Terrain stuff, I can put different boards together for every game (once I have enough pieces made up) – Should be cool.

The other major project I’m undertaking is another terrain one, but of a different type. I am constructing an Elfball board (with 40mm hexes) to accomodate larger based figures. I have the actual field pretty much done now (just have to put the second coat of sealant on.

The next stage is to use blue foam to do sets of dugouts and Momentum/Score/Potion areas. But I still need to pick the blue foam up as I don’t have enough to finish the job. But what this means is that the field will be sort of sunken, the dugouts also sunken and the crowd and Momentum/score/potion areas will be raised. I’m looking forward to getting this one finished as I have a number of Elfball teams on the painting table and another one on its way from Impact.

Cheers guys,





3 responses

10 01 2010

Very nice! What did you use to make the hex grid? I plan on doing something similar for a home made Battlemaster gaming mat. Once I get some projects finished up, I’ll have to check out Elfball.

10 01 2010

Thanks Jim. I used a 40mm Litko Hex Template to do the hexes. Worked a treat, but using it with spray paint it did warp a little bit. So I just made sure I flattened it out after using it.

11 01 2010

The wood templates will do that when they get soaked with paint. Once it sealed though, it should lay flat, especially when you flatten it with weight the way you have.

I plan to create some gaming mats as well with a 6 inch hex grid, but I think I might use markers, since I get a bit sloppy with the paint.

I really envy your ability to stick with projects, I can’t seem to “finish” anything.

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