Mustering my 10mm Lizardmen force

22 11 2009


Here are some individual shots of my 10mm Lizardmen force so far:

Magician General unit - 4AP

God unit - 4AP

Artillery unit - 3AP (or Shooter unit - 2AP or Beast unit - 2AP)

Horde unit - 1AP (alternate General)

Horde unit (1AP)

I’ll upload more photos as I get the stands finished. I’m looking at doing some more Horde units, several Warband units (Lizardmen Saurus), Flyers (Pteradactyl riders), Behemoth (Stegadon), Blades or Paladin (Saurus Temple Guard) as well as some Heroes (Saurus heroes) and Knights/Riders (Saurus Cold One Riders).

Then I start on their enemies (Chaos Dwarfs by Eureka) – should be a fun project!





4 responses

7 01 2010


I also have quite a few warmaster armies ready to be painted and based for HOTT (but not enough spare time to actually do it…)

Eureka Chaos Dwarves are also very tempting. Can’t wait to see the end result there as well.

10 01 2010

I’ve seen your blog Andreas – great stuff also! The warmaster stuff lends itself well to HOTT.

27 01 2010

I was not aware that there were 10mm lizardmen minis. Are they actual GW minis?

6 02 2010

Yep, they are GW minis

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