Akitsushima Litoria Clan and 10mm HOTT Lizardmen

25 10 2009

Akitsushima Litoria Clan

Here is a quick photo of another Kermitian Clan about to take to the Akitsushima field.

I give you… the Litoria Clan! 


From left to right: Gracilenta (Hunter), Dartaign (from the Dart Frog Clan as Ref), Chloris (Bruiser), Caerulea (Leader on Giant Frog) and Aurea (Reed Bearer).

Playtesting has contined successfully, although the experience system has seen some dramatic overhauls and now works alot better. Here is a mock setup below. The coloured dice are representative of the Dragonflies. Akitsushima will be recommended for a 4 foot table, but for this photo, its on a 3 foot table.

Hopefully I should have some more updates on Song of Fur and Buttons and Akitsushima. Stay tuned 🙂


Hordes of the Things 10mm Lizardmen Army… or at least, the start of.

I have been basing up some 10mm Lizardmen (Warmaster minis) for HOTT. I decided to experiment a bit with the basing and so have gone with 28mm basing, but 10mm figures. I really like the effect.


From left to right: A Skink Command (Hero, Horde or Warband), Skinks (Horde or Shooter), Skink Salamander Handlers (Artillery, Shooters, or Beasts (with a smaller depth – 40mm instead of 60mm), and in the back a Lizardman God (28mm Kroxigor and 10mm Skinks – God or Behemoth)





3 responses

28 10 2009

Nice frogs! I like the variety of the blue fellow. Have you seen Mega Miniatures brand new 28mm frog warriors? http://www.MegaMinis.com/

30 10 2009

Who makes the giant frog for the Litoria Clan?

30 10 2009

Thanks Andrew, I did see them. They look pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up.

Eric, Eureka Miniatures (www.eurekamin.com.au) make them. I don’t think the Frog Riders are on the online store yet, but if you email Nic he might be able to help you out? They were launched at Historicon I believe.


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