Song of Fur and Buttons Now Available!

19 07 2009

Well after alot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, Song of Fur and Buttons has been released and is now available from Wargame Vault for the usual Ganesha Games price of $8.00 USD

This time however the book is in full colour with lots and lots of photographs, depicting the scenarios and the story.

SFB Cover final
Song of Fur and Buttons on Wargames Vault

So what is Song of Fur and Buttons?
Song of Fur and Buttons is a campaign book for the Origins Award Nominated Skirmish rules Song of Blades and Heroes. It follows the exploits of three adventurous Teddy Bears, Sir Maurice Fursworth, Sir William Cuddlesbury and Sir Uppity Paws.

The book contains 12 story chapters, each accompanied by a scenario. Fight, catch and ride dinosaurs, make alliances with the Kermitians, swashbuckle pirates, duel on board Captain Longfur’s ship, fight off the Picnic Bear/Terrashell armies while trying to save your friends.

The story is based on Eureka’s fantastic Teddy Bear and Warrior Frog lines and is perfect for parent/child gaming, or just for adults who like to have fun. Remember, nobody ever dies in this book! A few stitches and some stuffing and your heroes are back on the battlefield before you can say “Honey and Milk”.

You can of course reuse the scenarios with your own figures as each one is different and unique.

I am happy to answer any questions, but I really hope that you all enjoy it.


You can get the book from Wargames Vault

You can get the miniatures from Eureka Miniatures




3 responses

20 07 2009

Wasn’t going to buy this, but since I own all of the SBH stuff, I figured that I needed it. Can’t wait to read it!


20 07 2009

Well done!
I’m sure you feel it’s been a long time coming, but sounds like it was worth it.

22 07 2009

An excellent supplement for SBH
I have spoked on my blog :
Good job !

Vive les Grenouilles !

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