Painting Update

14 07 2009

Well the holidays were almost a complete write off – I have been crook right through which really hampered any progress I was making with my projects.

I did however complete Song of Fur and Buttons which is great news. I hope to see it released very soon.

As I started feeling better I also got back to the painting desk. I completed my Uncharted Seas Iron Dwarf and Dragon Lord fleets…

Uncharted Seas - Dragon LordsUncharted Seas - Iron Dwarfs

…as well as a small Otter Warband for Song of the Splintered Lands – a Song of Blades and Heroes expansion.

SSL - Otter Warband

I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope to have more work done soon. I’ll keep you all posted. 🙂

– Ben.




3 responses

13 01 2010
T. Colin Brady

Your pictures have me wanting to dabble in fantasy skirmish gaming with SOB&H. So I have to ask: what scale/size are these otters, and who makes ’em?

13 01 2010
T. Colin Brady

Never mind! I found them on Splintered Light Miniatures! I love the way they look on your woodland terrain pieces too.

14 01 2010

Thanks mate. 🙂 The otters are a personal favourite of the SLM line.


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