Slogging away

27 06 2009

It has been very hectic around here lately. I have had reports to write, health issues, finishing up Song of Fur and Buttons, the sale of Nuthin’ But Net to Impact Miniatures and a million and one things on my project list, but I am now on holidays. So I can use this time to relax and recuperate… and get more done on my projects. 🙂

Battlelore Project

Realising that I can use the goblins I bought for the newly released Song of Splintered Lands as well as HOTT, I eagerly dove into painting some more. Here is the result. I was a bit rusty after a long painting break, but I’m happy with how they came out.

Goblin Green Infantry

Click to enlarge the photo

I also painted up one of the sample Dwarfs that Splintered Light Miniatures sent me with my Goblin order. They are fantastic sculpts and this was a joy to paint. I still need to highlight the tunic more, but wanted to upload the photo with this post.

Dwarven Blue Infantry

Rebasing my 10mm stuff for Mass Battle

Now I know alot of people (most that I’ve seen actually) prefer to mount their 10mm figures on 40x20mm bases, all bunched up. I had based all mine that way because it was easier (as the figures came in strips) and that’s how everyone else did it.

But as I was looking at mine the other day, I thought to myself that I didn’t really like that method of basing and I wanted a less crowded base. So I tried it, clipping some 10mm strips apart and rebasing on a 60x40mm base (yes this is huge for 10mm, but I love the effect).

This is how it went.

New 10mm Basing

I simply LOVE the way it ened up and as a consequence, will be basing all my 10mm using this method. For some models, this simply doesn’t work (for example WM Night Goblins) as they are cast too close together, but there are a plethora of minis that are cast seperately or on strips but far enough apart to be separated. Let me know what you think. 🙂

– Ben.




3 responses

27 06 2009

What’s the ruin made out of?

27 06 2009

It is from the Battle of Five Armies boxed set. They had a set of ruins in there (ruins of Dale I believe)

8 07 2009

Saw that Nothing but Net was sold off to a different company… Hopefully you made out in that deal!


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