Hexon Boards Arrived and Cranking some Units Out

24 05 2009

Well I received my Hexon II boards the other day and let me tell you, they are fantastic quality! They really are very nicely put together.

In all honesty though, for Battlelore, if I was going to purchase them again, I would just order the individual hexes and put the board together that way as the hexes are fairly high. This means that to add any terrain hexes on top, it raises it up quite a bit (which would have been nice for hills).

Oh well, you live and learn. 🙂

I also received my Giant Spiders from Ebob – very cool minis. I broke some of its legs putting it together, but used some Greenstuff to fix that up. Great model though. Looking to paint it up soon.

But I have painted up a few more units.  So here they are:

Red Banner Goblin Infantry – using Splintered Light Miniatures Goblin Wolf Clan figures

Red Banner Goblin Swordsmen

The Goblin Bowmen

Goblin Archers

Here’s what they look like on the unfinished Hexon II boards

Demo on Hexon II board

Anyway, that’s all from me this time around. I have a million reports to do over the next two weeks (as long as finishing the layout for Song of Fur and Buttons) so lets hope I can fit some more updates in between now and then. 🙂





One response

6 06 2009

Love this project idea. A few years ago I wanted to do Ambush! by Victory Games this way but the final layout of the maps would have been larger than my table. Oh well. I look forward to see your final project pictures!

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