Look Out! Ostrich Riders!

16 05 2009

Well after ordering two of Ebob’s excellent Giant Spiders, it was time for some more painting.

I polished off the second unit of Goblin Slingers and then put together the paint scheme for my Ostrich Riders. I’m fairly happy with the result, but there are a couple of touch ups I’d like to do to fix up the model.

Ostrich Riders

The rider here has a throwing javelin I know, but some of the other riders have reflex bows. For the purpose of variety, I’m happy having both in the same unit.

As a side note, all my Goblin Slingers, bar two (one that fled and the other that survived by the skin of his teeth) were destroyed in a recent game of Song of Blades and Heroes. Let’s hope they fair better in Battlelore when I finally get to use them for it! 🙂

If anyone is interested I can post stats for the Battlelore minis to use with SoBH (which is a great way to use them while your slowly painting them up)

– Ben.




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