Weasel Clan Goblin Slingers Step by Step

5 05 2009

With the 15mm Splintered Light Weasel Clan Goblin Slingers undercoated and ready to go, I needed to devise a colour scheme that I’d be happy with.

I have several Splintered Light Goblins (mainly Bat Clan) around the place that are painted in a Shadow Grey/Blue sort of scheme. I love these guys and was really happy with the scheme, but for my Battlelore set, I wanted to go a little bit more traditional. I’m not sure why, just a feeling. Below you will find a step by step of how I painted my test model and which colours I used. I hope you find it interesting.

  • STEP 1: Heavily Drybrush the base Khemri Brown (GW) using a largish brush. I began with the base, so that if I accidently painted over the goblin’s feet, I could touch it up easily. I also gave the body a basecoat using Light Green (Vallejo) using a size 1 brush. I painted the eyes Deep Sky Blue (Vallejo) using a 5/0 brush. After allowing the paint to dry, I gave it a Thraka Green (GW) wash.


  • STEP 2: I lightly drybrushed the base with Dheneb Stone (GW) and then, using a 2/0 brush, I painted Scorpion Gree (GW) highlights on the raised parts of the body.


  • STEP 3: I cleaned up the eye a little bit and then painted the shin straps, sling and loincloth Khemri Brown (GW).


  • STEP 4: Using Dheneb Stone (GW), I highlighted the shin straps, sling and loincloth. I also painted the belt and rock in the sling Charadon Granite (GW)


  • STEP 5: Spinning the model around, I began to work on the shield. The shield itself has a raised “hub” in the centre of it which makes it difficult to accurately paint the Battlelore Goblin shield logo onto it. So I improvised and made a slight change (making the raised part the yellow moon) The arc at the bottom of the shield is Gory Red (Vallejo) and the “hub” is Tausept Ochre (GW).


  • STEP 6: I highlighted the “hub” using Golden Yellow (GW) and the arc with Bloody Red (Vallejo). I also painted a small star using White (Vallejo)


  • STEP 7: I then highlighted the belt and the rock with Khemri Brown (GW) and painted the Weasel cloak with Tausept Ochre (GW), here is the front and back so far.


  • STEP 8: Was simply a matter of giving the cloak a wash of Devlan Mud (GW) and lightly flocking the base. It will now get two coats of Matte Varnish and will be ready for play.


CONCLUSION: I’m really happy with how he came out and will be sticking with this paint scheme for all my goblin slingers. The shields will stay the same for all Goblin models, as will the skin colours. All in all, he didn’t take long to paint (especially for a test model). A little over half an hour. For me, on a test model, this is a pretty fast time. To paint the rest of these little guys it won’t take as long as I will employ batch painting techniques. This bascially has you lining up a number of models (in my case probably 8 models) and then completing one section on all the models before moving to the next section. For example, I would start with the skin base colour Light Green (Vallejo) and paint all the models using that and then do the wash on all the models etc…

I hope you have found this interesting/useful. I would love to hear your thoughts or comments/suggestions, so feel free to post here, at TMP or at BGG. 🙂

– Ben.




One response

6 05 2009

Thanks for that, Ben – I always enjoy step-by-step painting demos. They help me along with my own pile-o-lead!


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