Nuthin’ But Net 3D Court

1 03 2009

I’ve been very busy lately writing the final few chapters of Song of Fur and Buttons, beginning a new game – Mighty Armies Invasion and developing the background and concept of ‘Dusk’ – formally known as Twilight. In addition to all this I’ve been writing alot of new material for Nuthin’ But Net.

This new material will of course be compiled into several small expansions which will be released for free both on this blog and on the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo group. Some of the things I’m testing at the moment are magic, two new teams – Undead and Silva (plantmen) in addition to full court rules, All star weekend rules as well as several others.

I hope you have found the first such expansion (already released) to be beneficial and fun to use. Not to worry, another one will be on its way when I’ve finished playtesting. πŸ™‚

Something else I’ve recently done is finish my 3D Nuthin’ But Net court. It is a full court so can be used to run two simulateous games or one full court game. It was very easy to make. Just involving blue insulation styrene, MDF, textured paint, woodfiller and flock – as well as several paints and paintbrushes. Below you will find a couple of photos of the court.


The Silva (Plantmen) will play a little differently from the already established teams, as will the Undead. But more info on that later πŸ˜‰

Song of Fur and Buttons


Well I’m currently writing the eleventh of twelve exciting and unique scenarios for this expansion. I’ve had an absolute blast writing it and if there is enough interest in the first one, I have enough material to easily write up a second book. I would have included more than 12 scenarios in the first, but I’ve just completely run out of room!

I am taking photos for the book next week – a big thank you to Nic @ Eureka for letting me use some of his store models for this. What a gentleman! πŸ˜‰

Hopefully this will be the return of regular posting on this blog, so please stop by and ask questions, make comments and provide feedback. It is all great appreciated. So until the next update, take care and thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

– Ben.




2 responses

10 03 2009
Andrew Beasley


Could you please post a few more details on making the court? I’ll thought about buying the rules but been put off so far over the idea of a paper court but having seen yours I think I can get my fingers to do that πŸ™‚


10 03 2009

No problems Andrew, I’ll put something up in the next few days. πŸ™‚

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