Nuthin But Net released!

29 01 2009

G’day guys!

Well, my first game Nuthin’ But Net, is finally complete and is now available to purchase here:

Nuthin’ But Net has been a project I have worked really hard on with Ed (from Two Hour Wargames) since last June and its great to see it come to fruition.

The game features 9 different fantasy races, Beastmen, Dwarfs, Goblins, Orcs, Elves, Kermitians, Reptilians, Humans and Ratmen. The game is 3 on 3 basketball and uses a very fluid system where both players are involved at all times. There is no sitting down waiting for your turn, because even on your opponent’s turn, you need to roll dice, try and steal the ball or block it, denying your friend the shot.

The fluid system allows for some real strategy. Where and when you move your players is just as important as when you perform your actions. You can set picks, dunk on your mates – pretty much whatever you like.

All the artwork in the book was done by Andrea of Song of Blades and Heroes fame and the board of the court is done by Paul Kim – thanks guys!

Feel free to check it out and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cheers guys!





6 responses

23 02 2009

Looking forward to the bonus material

Hope one day you have minis for the game

Will there be more races? Will magic ever play a roll?

Keep up the good work

23 02 2009

Thanks Talisinbear. 🙂
I would love to see minis for the game too!
I have rough backgrounds written for a couple of different races.
I have some ideas for magic in the game, but haven’t really explored this much yet. This could be included in a future supplement (free of course)
It all really depends on interest. If there’s interest in the game, I’ll happily continue to work on stuff for it (I enjoy playing it myself).
Expect to see a full court option in a future supplement.


25 02 2009

Downloaded the expansion

A quick read and it looks like it all is a good addition to the game in terms of league play.

Curious are skills limited to one because teams get too powerful, or because of bookkeeping ?

maybe a player can only have one skill until each player on team has one, then you can work to give each one two etc? just a quick thought.

I might think at some point a system where individual players can gain their own points might make sense, based on what they do in a game.

I have always thought these sort of games could benefit from some form of home court advantage, where the host team would get some perk. another random thought for you.

keep up the great work

11 04 2009

It sounds good a Fantasy Basquetball game…
But I have some quiestios for you… how can I email you?

Thanks in advance


22 06 2009

Impact Miniatures! just bought the rights to this game and is planning on supporting the game with miniatures. Plans are to have 2 teams cast and available by this time next year.

22 06 2009

Indeed they did.
The first two teams being produced are Humans and Goblins. Hopefully if they sell well, we may see more in the future.

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