Busy, busy, busy!

6 12 2008

As usual I have been very busy…

The life sucking force that is “School Reports” has been quelled for another semester, leaving me tired, yet relieved.

So, I hear you asking what have you been doing gaming wise Ben? The answer my friends… is alot. Not so much in the painting department though, as all I’ve been capable of painting was some Dragon Lord ships from Uncharted Seas… three Cruisers and their capital ship. I haven’t had a chance to grab photos yet, so expect them soon.

The gaming related work I’ve been burying myself in has been on ‘Twilight’ and another project which I’ve had on hiatus for many a moon… Song of Blades and Heroes Unit Cards.

Twilight (Now called Dusk)

Twilight is a small objective based game that I’ve been working on recently that is set on an imaginery world called ‘Crepusculum’. I have been writing and playtesting madly the last few weeks and now have a fairly good set of rules down. Many thanks to Greg Hallam and Nic Robinson for looking over the rules that I’ve written so far and making some sound suggestions.

The game revolves around competing tribes of ‘Occulites’ that are trying to gather ‘Sungems’. They need to do this to keep their caves warm during the long dark, that envelopes the world for weeks at a time. The only problem is, sungems are much sort after by not only Occulites, but by all other life forms on Crepusculum as well.

I’m really enjoying writing the rules to ‘Twilight’ and am eager to see them grow and transform into what I hope will be something special.

If you were ever wondering what an Occulite is…


…wonder no longer. Above is a rough concept sketch of what an Occulite looks like. This is a member of the ‘Palaudis’ tribe. Look for more information on Twilight in the near future, including a call for playtesters. 🙂

Song of Blades and Heroes Unit Cards

The other major project I have going on at the moment is this one. Creating sets of Unit Cards for Ganesha Games’ Song of Blades and Heroes. These unit cards will help you to recruit your warband, randomise encounters by drawing cards and provide quick reference to their stats and abilities.

The first few sets of cards are figures by One Monk Miniatures who make high quality 30mm paper miniatures. Future sets will include more One Monk figures and figures from metal miniature lines as well. The cards will hopefully eventually cover all the profiles from the Song of Blades series in addition to new profiles.

It has been a massive undertaking, but an enjoyable one that has seen the card design take on a life of it’s own. Below you can see an example of what the cards look like so far.


Additional card sets are planned which include special ability cards to match the abilities that appear in the Song of Blades books.

These cards will have the full rule text of the ability for easy reference during the game and can be used to create figures of your own. More information on them in the near future.

Well, as usual, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

So until next update, take care!

– Ben.




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