Sock Puppet Miniature Stats for SoBH

11 11 2008

I am in the middle of reports at the moment and things are flat out! But in my down time I have been searching the usual gaming spots online and recently saw some miniatures that caught my eye.

I remembered seeing the greens for them I would think over a year ago on TMP, but I found out that they were in production. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were miniatures that I will have to grab sometime in my next burst of purchases… they were the Sock Puppets.

Here are a couple of photos that are on the Sock Puppet Miniatures Website, just to show you what they look like. The copyright to the photos of course belongs to Sock Puppet Miniatures.

The Sock Puppet miniatures are a joint venture of Team Frog Studios & Fictional Miniatures Company and just look so cool! You can check them out and/or place an order here.

Now they have an army list for HOTT already up for them, but someone suggested doing an army list for Song of Blades and Heroes. This is a game that I play quite often (as regular readers would know) and so wanted to put together such as list. (The list was costed using Ray’s Warband list program which is available on the SoBH Yahoo group – great program, thanks Ray!)

Sock Puppet Light Infantry

Points 20

Quality 4+

Combat 2

Special Rules


Sock Puppet Light Cavalry

Points 40

Quality 3+

Combat 2

Special Rules

Mounted, Opportunistic

Zombie Sock Puppet

Points 8

Quality 5+

Combat 1

Special Rules

Evil, Savage, Short Move, Undead

Sock Puppet Foot Knights

Points 27

Quality 4+

Combat 3

Special Rules


Sock Puppet Mounted Knights

Points 36

Quality 4+

Combat 3

Special Rules

Mounted, Steadfast

Sock Puppet Commander – Personality

Points 56

Quality 3+

Combat 2

Special Rules

Dashing, Leader

Sock Puppet Smelly Standard

Points 33

Quality 4+

Combat 2

Special Rules

Distract, Standard Bearer

All the models are fairly obvious which to use.

The only ones that aren’t are the Commander, which I would use a regular Light Infantry Sock Puppet, but with a small modelled crown on it’s ‘head’ or painted in a particularly dashing colour scheme.

The Smelly Standard I would again use a regular Light Infantry Sock Puppet, but with a piece of brass in it’s mouth.  A smaller group of socks could be modelled on top like a flag. The paint scheme I would go with would be the same as the rest of the Light Infantry models, but then give it a dirty black/brown/yellowish inkwash to show that the sock reeks! Even without the banner, the other Sock Puppets will know where this guy is!

I hope some of you will find it useful. If you do use this list, please let me know what you think and link some photos from the game as I can’t wait to see these guys in action!

I should have another update soon with some more painted models, until then, take care and happy wargaming!

– Ben.




3 responses

11 11 2008
Sean Brady

This is a great list. I am just getting interested in SoBH again, and was looking for a fun army to try out. I had not seen these miniatures, and they are great. Not sure if I will be getting any, but I have made note of your lists in case I do.


18 02 2013
David Morales de Bustos

Have you any pics of painted Sock Puppets? I would love to get some minis, but it seems that the website is down…

19 02 2013

No I don’t sorry. I haven’t seen them around for a while. Cool figures. It would be a shame to see them drop off into obscurity.

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