What to do when you have the flu…

26 10 2008

Well here I am on a Sunday night, blowing my nose with a Cepacol in my mouth… the changing of the weather flu. Just as the days become nicer here in Melbourne and the temperature climbs, the grass grows extremely fast, the flowers in the garden bloom, dragonflies dart through the air… and I get the flu… every year without fail. So between bouts of shivering and sweating, I had a bit of spare time to do some painting and some writing.

Avatars of War

I have recently come across a real little gem of a game that many of you may not have heard of. It is a small scale game called “Avatars of War”. Think fantasy gladiators… interested? So am I! I saw this on Tabletop Gaming News the other day and proceeded to download the rulebook (which was free!) Over the past few days I’ve had a lot of time to read the book over. It is extremely well presented (although the download is in low res due to bandwidth, there is a physical copy available through their website Avatars of War: Arena DeathMatch)

They also have a number of miniatures you can purchase which are very high quality. Their Goblin King miniature is particularly cool. I will most certainly obtain several of these in the coming months, but will space them out due to their high cost and the Aussie dollar. Their rulebook however is very reasonably priced and so on Friday I put in an order for the hardcopy and searched through my minis for stand ins for the interim. In fact, I have been so sucked into this game, that I have already purchased more MDF to create my own Deathmatch Arena. I will be using a 2′ x 3′ board and am eager to get started.

Because each warband only has 3-5 models duking it out in the arena, you can really go to town on each model. The models that I have been painting during the time this blog has been in existance have been painted to what I thought was my best balance of time vs quality. I often painted in three layers (base, wash and highlight), but having a bit of time to myself, I decided to sit down and spend more time investing in addtional layers to see how well I could paint.

I was pleasantly surprised. Although the photos don’t really do them justice, I have included them below. I ended up with around 9 layers on the skink’s skin and 8 layers on the Orc Shaman’s. I know this is still a lot less than others, but this seriously took me ages. But because I’m only painting a couple of minis for Avatars of War, I don’t mind, and in fact I rather enjoyed going a bit slower and taking my time. I would thoroughly reccommend taking a model and just spending two or three times as long as you normally would, just to see how much better you can do.

The Skink will use the Goblin stats until either the Avatar of War team develop a ‘skink’ hero or I try my hand at it. 😉 The Orc Shaman represents exactly that. Please click on each photo to enlarge them. The lighting certainly didn’t capture all the highlighting unfortunately, but you get the idea.

Completed Swamp Dweller Army

In other news I finally finished my Swamp Dweller army for Might Armies. I have done up a set of profiles for them which we’ve been playtesting using the Mighty Armies Creation rules. I will be very excited to see these in action when Mighty Armies Fantasy gets released. I think they will be very popular.

Dusk teaser…

I have started playtesting on a new game that I have written called ‘Dusk’. I’m very excited about this game as I hope to publish it myself. I have also looked into getting some figures sculpted for it, but more on this at a later date.

I will be trying to keep more regular postings on this blog, but as I have started writing my kids’ reports, it will be whenever I get the time. I will try and use the blog as a time out between report writing.

So until then, have fun!

– Ben.




3 responses

29 10 2008

Howdy Ben,

I was wondering if you could comment (as possible) on the differences between MA – Chipco’s FR! – HoTT ? I’m looking for a decent and simple set of rules and these three keep coming to mind.

Also, would you mind if I posted a link to your blog on mine?

Greg (aka El Grego)

29 10 2008

G’day Greg,

No problems on the link mate, feel free. 🙂

Give me some time and I’ll try and come up with an article on the differences on the three of them and why I chose MA. Probably won’t be this week, but I’ll try and get it done as soon as I can.

– Ben.

31 10 2008

Thanks !

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