Reusing, Rebasing and Rebounding…

19 10 2008

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks that was. Back to work, starting assessments, writing games, playtesting and pulling hair out! 🙂

Reusing and Rebasing

One of my biggest modelling projects that I’ve undertaken recently has been the rebasing of all my Fantasy 28mm stuff. Yes that’s right, I’ve taken the plunge and have begun to rebase every… single… one… seemed like a good idea at the start… 😛

The reasoning behind it was that I found myself painting up twice as many miniatures as I needed. One set for skirmish games and one set for mass battle games. The solution I decided on was to rebase all my models on washers which would be great for skirmish (as the model is now lower to the ground – this makes more visual difference than you or I would have thought!), but I also can use them for mass battle… how?

Well, I first ordered a couple of hundred round 25mm heavy duty magnetic bases from Litko. Then I waited and waited and waited. It must just be me, but my last two Litko orders have taken almost a month to get here… great product, but the waiting is hard when you want to get started right away! 🙂

The next job was to buy some wood filler. I used the bases that I had already bought (and used some of) for my 28mm Mighty Armies stuff (which I am rebasing for use with both skirmish and mass battle). I applied a smattering of the wood puty over the base (making sure it was a deeper layer where the models would sit), then I dipped a washer into some warm water and then pressed it into the places where the models would sit. Once the washer had touched the wooden base, I took it out and removed the putty from the middle.

Once dry, the base had three or four pock marks around 25mm diameter each. I painted them up and flocked them, then using the self adhesive on the heavy duty magnetic sheets, stuck a 25mm magnetic circle in each hole. Voila! Now I can just sit my models on there for use with mass battles.

Here is my test base (just an individual one to see if it would work):

Yes it is a LOT of time and effort, and despite the fact that I’m no where near finished, I’m happy that I undertook the project. I think in the long run, this will be a much better use of my hobby time (and my wallet’s money!)


Over the last few months I’ve been working on a few games. There are a few I can’t tell you about yet, but one of them has pretty much been completed and is just waiting on the final layout, artwork and external playtesting.

It is called Nuthin’ But Net and will be published through Two Hour Wargames‘ U-Play Sports Division. It is basically a 3 on 3 Fantasy Basketball game. In the base book there are 9 races represented. I have really tried to make this the best game it can be and Ed (owner of Two Hour Wargames) has been outstanding throughout the whole process, helping my original ideas grow and evolve into the current game.

I’ll give you more information soon, but I wanted to share my demo board that I’m making for it. It will allow two games to be run at once (one game at each end). I hope you all like it.

Until next time, catch you later!

– Ben.




4 responses

20 10 2008

That’s rather a neat idea regarding the skirmish vs group basing. I’m personally in process of putting some troops on Litko 1″x1″ bases in the hopes that I’ll be inspired to work more on the units, and awaiting arrival of some custom movement trays.

23 10 2008

That sounds like a nice basing solution. I’m making two small historic armies to play SBH. I initially planned to base them on circular bases, but settled on using 20mm squares—so I can also use the models for WAB.

Last year I re-based my LOTR hobbit army.
I had mounted non-GW models on to slotta bases, but decided they would be better on 25mm washers. I recently read a post on TMP saying there is some electrolysis thing that happens when a lead model is in contact with steel. So, now I’m worried my new bases will create lead rot! Either way, my historic models are safe on their styrene bases.

23 10 2008

Hey Andrew, could you please provide a link to that discussion… this is something I am not aware of and I would like to read up on it a bit more.

28 10 2008

Here’s the corrosion and metal washer link. Scary stuff. I’m just ignoring the problem and hoping it won’t happen to me!

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