Dragon Lord and Dwarf Frigates – Uncharted Seas

26 09 2008

Today is just a really quick update on my Uncharted Seas project.

I’ll start off by showing you a few models that I’ve painted up. I decided on a colour scheme for my Dragon Lords and also for my Dwarves. Many thanks to several inspirational colour schemes on the Spartan Games forum (for my Dragon Lords ships)

So here they are:

The Dragon Lords frigates

and the Dwarven Frigates

They are resin miniatures (besides the sails which are metal) so I needed to wash them in warm soapy water to remove any mould release agent and any other dust. This didn’t take long, but really helped the black undercoat to stick to the model.

I have the rest of my Dragon Lords models ready to go. I thought I would paint one group for Dragon Lords, then one for the Dwarves and keep alternating so I would get a nice set of figures to play with.

Uncharted Seas is a new Fantasy Naval game by newcomers on the block ‘Spartan Games’.

So far there are four races available: Imperial Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs (Dwarves) and the Dragon Lords (my personal favourites so far). I was able to pick up starter fleets for all four races for 100 pounds with free shipping to Australia! If you could see the size of these ships, and their outstanding sculpting detail, you would know that this was a bargain. In my humble opinion (and excuse the pun), but these ships blow any of the Man O War ones out of the water.

The instintive reaction to another Fantasy Naval game would be to instantly compare and contrast to Games Workshop’s Man O War… after reading the rules however, it is plain to see that Uncharted Seas is a different beast. I’m sure there will be those Man O War fanatics that won’t even give this game a chance, and I think that is sad for them as they are missing out on something special. I think there is enough room in most people’s collections for both games.

It has also been mentioned on their forums that there will be at least another 8 races added to this four. Half of these have been announced as: Elves, Undead, The Dark Ones (evil dwarves) and an ally for the Dragon Lords (hinted at human, but no confirmation). Needless to say, I’m rather excited. 🙂

If any of you have been visiting their forums, you would know by now that Neil and Mark (from Spartan Games) are both great blokes who listen to and respond quickly to their fans. I have been very impressed with their interaction with the gaming community and would suggest that if you are interested, go and check out their forums here.

My current projects:

  • Playtesting a game I wrote (sorry, still can’t tell yet… soon I hope)
  • Mighty Armies: Swamp Dweller army
  • Mighty Armies: Lord of the Rings – 10mm
  • 2’x2′ multiscale board and terrain to go with it.
  • Lost Worlds figures (including Bears in a Lost World scenarios)
  • Triffids and scenarios
  • Blood Bowl 7s teams (currently Halflings)
  • Uncharted Seas
  • Giant Monster Rampage board (project is on hold for the moment)
  • Battlelore figures (haven’t done hardly any on this in ages!)

There are of course always things which pop up in between. Sometimes they become a project in themselves, other times they are just once offs. Laying out all the projects like this is nice to see. It shows me that all my projects are moving forwards (except for the Battlelore figures and Giant Monster rampage for the moment). It helps me set gaming goals and achieve them.

Since I’ve started the blog, some of my completed projects have been:

  • Blood Bowl 7s board
  • Frogfolk Blood Bowl 7s team
  • Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl 7s team
  • Lizardman Blood Bowl 7s team
  • Pharohs of Vikhtorah Blood Bowl 7s team
  • Frogfolk SoBH warband
  • Frogfolk Mighty Armies warband
  • Bat Clan Goblin Mighty Armies Warband
  • Bears in a Lost World Scenario 1: Sweet as Honey

So I’m really happy that I started the blog, not only to share what I’ve done, but to help me keep on track. I hope you all enjoy the ride! 🙂

– Ben.




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