The Last Moments of Sir William Cuddlesbury

22 09 2008

I figured over my holidays, I may just add things in dribs and drabs over the next two weeks, so hopefully, there will always be something new to see! (That’s the plan anyway!)

The first in this mini-update is really a photo I took of the last moments of Sir William Cuddlesbury from a game of .45 Adventure we played last night. I have done a really quick and dirty photoshop on the photo… so it looks a little cobbled together, but you get the idea. 🙂 You can click on it to enlarge it like all the other photos on this site. 🙂 The caption of the photo is inspired by a member of BGG who posts some simply outstanding Gaslight photos with humourous subtitles.

Click, click, click… not the best time to run out of ammo thought Sir William Cuddlesbury.

The game was a pretty simple one really. There were three teams with one Grade 2 model each. We used Sir William Cuddlesbury (the Rouke’s Picnic Teddy), Sir Maurice Fursworth (a Seven Year Picnic Teddy) and Sir Uppity Paws (another Seven Year Picnic Teddy). Around the 2’x2′ board was scattered ten honey pots. The object of the game was to retrieve as many honey pots as possible.

The twist was there were several spawn points (one in each corner of the board) which produced a bunch of Compsognathus’ who promptly began to tear the stuffing out of the teddies. In addition to this, whenever you retrieved a honey pot, you drew a card, if it was a red suit, you would perform an extra roll for each spawn point. Needless to say, the board was crawling with Compies (so we didn’t use their Stalking rule).

Alliances were quickly broken with teddies running all over the board trying to make sure that another teddy was between them and the compies.

Much fun was had by all!





One response

24 09 2008
Patrick Smyrl

Dinos and Teddy bears…. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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