Massive ‘Post Wisdom Tooth’ Updates!

6 09 2008

G’day once again,

Well… another interesting week in my world. Last Friday I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed under a general anisthetic. An interesting experience I must say. The feeling of having a numb mouth and tongue for the first 8 hours was rather strange. I officially became the mayor of ‘Droolsville’ for the first day and a half. But luckily, my surgeon was excellent and a week later, all is well, just some minor pain at the extraction sites. Despite him taking my teeth, my dentist was no tooth fairy! The cost of the procedure was rather high, but I’m glad that I did it, I feel better already! Good luck to anyone else that has to get them taken out… you will most certainly hate soup with a passion for a while afterwards 😉

But anyways, to more hobby related things. Whilst the teeth extractions certainly kept me out of action for most of the week, the last few days I have had more opportunity to paint. In fact I was able to finish off my Pharohs Blood Bowl 7s / Elfball team (just need to base the second Anubis) before my Siringit team arrived from Impact Miniatures. You can see all the photos of these, my Lizardmen team and my Chaos Dwarf team in the Blood Bowl section of this website here. Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them in a new window.

I have been painting up a new 15mm army for the rewrite of Mighty Armies. I have 5 stands done so far. Each one is representative of a different unit available for the Swamp Dwellers who will be released shortly by Rebel Minis. They are really cool little sculpts and I am very happy with how they painted up. For their skin tone, I went for a base coat and a highlight, then I used a flesh wash over the skin to bring out some depth. I look forward to pitting these blokes against my 15mm Frogs (which I’ve come to call Kermitians! 🙂 ) in a fight for the swampland. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some photos of that battle and write a session report in the near future. You can see the Swamp Dweller units I have painted here.

I have now received my order from Spartan Games for all four starter fleets for their game Uncharted Seas. I must say WOW! These are excellent miniatures. Much bigger than I anticipated seeing them in the ‘resin’, but the detail on these guys are fantastic and I know they’ll be a pleasure to paint. Now just to narrow down the paint schemes that I want for each faction. The guys at Spartan Games are very keen to listen to their customers and have been great at replying to any questions, check out their forum if you’re interested.

I have been hard at work writing up a scenario to use my Triffids in for .45 Adventure by Rattrap Productions which you can see on their forums here. When I’ve tested it a bit more, I’ll check with Rich if it’s ok if I upload it here as a PDF file.

I have also been painting up some more aliens for the upcoming expansion to Fantastic Worlds – ‘Planet X’. I haven’t had a chance to update the Rattrap Productions page with photos yet, but here they are below to show you what I’ve done. The two Hydrissians are for a competition that is currently open on the Alpha Forge forum here.

Spugs – Spriggan Miniatures

Hydrissians – Alphaforge Miniatures

Well, phew! That’s it for this week’s update. My apologies it is a couple of days late. 🙂

Please feel free to bookmark this site and check back once a week for more info on what I’m up to! Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all next time!

– Ben.




One response

19 09 2008

I’ve got a bunch of Spugs to start painting too.

Actually, I’ve got a bunch of everything to start painting….

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