Triffids and 2×2 Foot Multi-purpose board

24 08 2008

Well, after a terrible week work wise, I can say “Thank god for the hobby!”. It certainly kept me sane this week.

I have been very busy, but alot of what I’ve done is in playtesting for a couple of games. It’s been great fun. I have been working on some Triffid scenarios for .45 Adventure by Rattrap Productions (with some great help and suggestions from people on the RP forum – including some help with the stats from Rich)

In preparation of playing these, I have started to paint up some Triffids. The models I chose were the Triffid models from Wargames Supply Dump and the Vardu Sprouts from Hydra Miniatures (which I have fallen in love with and eagerly await more of – fantastic models!)

You can download stat cards to use them in your Rattrap Production games on the Rattrap Production area of my blog here.

These photos are of course not to scale (the Vardu Sprout is much smaller than the Triffid)

I have been also been working on a 2×2 foot board that can be used for any Rattrap Productions game and also for Mighty Armies. How? Well, by just laying down the actual lay of the land, I can use removable terrain of different scales to suit the game I want to play.

I used a 16mm thick piece of MDF for the base board. Then I framed it with 70mm wide pine pieces stood up to act as a dice barrier. This will also mean that because it sits higher than any other part of the terrain (because I’m using removable trees based on CDs etc…) I can stack these boards for easy storage! 🙂 Then I cut some 12mm blue polystyrene into the shapes that I was after. I cut a creek into the terrain and put a small hill/outcrop. Any high hills can be added as removeable terrain later.

Here is some of the work I’ve done on the board so far.

Before painting I glued some ballast of varying sizes in the creek bed and in select spots around the high/outcrop.

You can see that I have undercoated it with black paint here. I brushed this on to avoid melting the polystyrene.

Next I used a textured brown paint (bought in a sample pot) to roughly paint over the terrain. I used criss-crossing brush strokes to build up a good texture. This stuff is great because as it dries, you get shadows where the paint thins a bit, your standard colour and also a lighter brown as highlighting as the raised parts dry. Great stuff. Once this is done, I can mix up some resin for the creek and add some grass/flocking stuff too. But all in good time. 🙂

I have begun to try and do some of the removeable terrain, but need to find something larger than CDs I think… we’ll see. Where the hole is, I will be gluing in a Woodland Scenics tree.

Stay tuned for more next week. 🙂

– Ben.




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