Litko Bases arrived!

7 07 2008

28mm Mighty Armies Turtles/Terrapins and Warrior Frogs begun!

Well, my Litko 80x40mm and 80x80mm bases came in the mail a couple of days ago, and they are of excellent quality. I’m really happy with them.

So today I got around to basing a few stands for my 28mm Mighty Armies warbands.

First I started off with a coat of black arcylic paint over the base.

Then I played around with the composition of the minis on the base until I was happy.

I glued the figures down with superglue and left them to dry.

Next I spread PVA glue evenly around the base and dipped it in fine ‘Earth coloured’ ballast which I got from a store near me called ‘Branchline’. The people in there were very helpful. I think the whole packet of ballast set me back around $8.95AUS and will last for ages.

Once dry, I smeared small areas of PVA onto the ballast and dipped in a ‘Spring green’ fine ballast.

I then added some static grass and clump folliage to key areas of the base. Voila!

I’m really happy with the results and am looking forward to getting some more done.

You can see all the bases I’ve done so far in the Mighty Armies section of the blog (you’ll find the tab up the top of the page).

Thanks for looking!

– Ben.




One response

2 12 2011
Pat Williams

Dig the frogs….,I collect figurines =)

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