Bloodbowl Dugouts and Preview of 28mm Turtle and Terrapin MA warband.

1 07 2008

Blood Bowl 7s Dugouts

Well, I finally got around to picking up some blue high density (HD) foam. In America, I believe it is very easy to find, but here in Australia, you can’t just go down to Bunnings and pick it up.

I ended up picking up some sheets of 12mm thick blue HD foam and a sheet of 50mm thick stuff (for some hills and crags I’ve been thinking of. For the 12mm thick sheet (roughly 600mm x 2550mm) it was about $28.95AUS, which I thought was pretty reasonable. The 50mm thick sheet was much more expensive at around $32ish for a half sheet (600mm x 1250mmish). I got these from Solid Solutions in East Bentleigh.

The blue HD foam is great and very easily sculpted into many things. The 12mm stuff was perfect for creating my Blood Bowl 7s dugouts, so I got to work carving and sculpting. This was my first shot at using the stuff and I found that my blade went dull very quickly.

The foam was easy to cut and I quickly had a set of tiles that would act as the base for my dugout. I carved a little step into the front and then cut some 40mm long bricks to stack up as the wall.

To achieve some texture to the foam, I simply got a volcanic rock from outside and randomly pressed it into the foam. This has created a nice effect which should really show up in the drybrusing stage. (This idea was borrowed from a guy on another forum – Grungebob – thanks for the idea!)

I then constructed a sort of plinth that rose above the back of the dugout and carved a 25mm circle in the top. This is so I can place a model in there to show which team the dugout belongs to. It is also a simple way to customise the look of the dugout.

Once all the parts were cut out, I grabbed my hot glue gun (with low melt glue so that it didn’t melt the foam) and went about sticking it all together. In retrospect, I would undercoat the pieces before gluing next time, as I’m afraid that a few of the sections I can’t get paint to. With a varnish or sealer, these parts will end up bubbling… oh well hindsight is 20/20. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is what it looked like when glued together:

Then I undercoated it with a black acrylic paint:

Next I will drybrush and add detail. But I’ll post that when I’ve done it. ๐Ÿ™‚ One step at a time.

Mighty Armies 28mm Terrapin and Turtle Preview

I have been playing Mighty Armies for a little while now and have really been enjoying it, but the armies that I want to play aren’t always catered for in the same scale (every wargamer’s been there – how many scales do you game in? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

At the moment I have armies in 10mm (Lord of the Rings), 15mm (Bat Clan Goblins – photos soon, Kobolds – in the process, and more on the way) and now I have started some armies in 28mm. I’ve done this because there isn’t a suitable number of Frog and Turtle miniatures at 15mm for me to viably create an army. Plus the look of some 28mm armies on a nice big 4’x4′ table will look awesome! I’ll post photos of the table when I get around to that!

So I ordered some bases from Litko Aerosystems. I went with 80mm frontages because there was a massive difference in the price (like over double) and 3mm thickness. This gives a nice solid base which has room for the 28mm minis. I plan to do a simple mini diorama for each base and have been investigating some basing pumice gel to landscape each base.

Well, the bases haven’t arrived yet, but I was eager to get started, so have painted up three bases of models already (they are just sitting on some stand in bases for the moment). I have painted up two Terrapin Spearmen bases and my Turtle General base.

Here is a preview photo of what I have done so far. More detailed photos (with better lighting and background etc… will be posted when I base them)

Anyway, I hope you find something here useful. Please feel free to comment, and make sure you come back and visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to add stuff regularly.

– Ben.




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