Even more photos added (Blood Bowl, Song of Blades and Heroes)

8 06 2008

There are some more photos added to the Blood Bowl Page (Frogfolk Lineman 2 and Frogfolk Catcher 2) and the Song of Blades and Heroes page (Frogfolk Warband hi-res shot and the 2’x3′ fixed terrain board.

Here is the Frogfolk Warband. It is a larger file, so please be patient after clicking on it.

Below are the stats for the figures. I like to play 300 point games of SoBH, but sometimes play larger 500 point games using allegiances with the Turtles and Terrapins (which i will upload soon)

Frog Veteran – 90 points – Q:3 C:2 – Amphibious, Leader, Tough, Shooter (Short)

Frog Hero – 76 points – Q:3 C:4 – Amphibious, Hero

Frog Reed Bearer – 24 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Fearless, Standard Bearer (new rule from SWW)

Frog Drummer – 46 points – Q:3 C:1 – Amphibious, Leader

Frog Spearman – 32 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Acrobat

Frog Pikeman – 32 points – Q:4 C:3 – Amphibious, Free Disengage

Frog Musketeer – 26 points – Q:4 C:2 – Amphibious, Shooter (Medium)

Frog Shell Crusher – 26 points – Q:5 C:4 – Amphibious, Savage

They are excellent models and really fun to play under the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset.

You can find the models here and the SoBH ruleset here.

– Ben.




One response

3 08 2011
Jordan Bavis

Awesome Frogfolk! that link didnt work and Im sad because thye look crazy awesome!

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