Blood Bowl 7s Pitch in progress

29 05 2008

I have been working on a Blood Bowl 7s Pitch and board lately and have been really enjoying myself.

Here are the details:

The actual board is MDF 12mm x 1000mm x 1000mm bought from Bunnings

  1. I undercoated the board with black paint. I painted both sides to reduce any warping.
  2. I painted the board with a Brown texture paint. I was able to get a 500ml sample pot from Bunnings that was able to cover the whole table. I gave it three coats. This helped cover the black and give it some good texture.
  3. I used some Woodland Scenics light green flock to represent patches of grass.
  4. I sealed the board with White Knights Flat Varnish

The pitch is black foamcore bought from Riot Art

  1. I wanted to set the squares at 40mm each so that it could comfortably accomadate ‘Big Guys’ and prone normal players. So I lightly scored in the marks and then painted over the pitch with the same Brown texture paint.
  2. Once dry I used a ball point pen to heavily score (gouge) the lines to make them more noticable. This worked really well.
  3. I used PVA glue to stick down more light green flock on each square, being mindful of where the square was on the pitch.
  4. I painted the lines using a white acrylic paint.

The dugouts are from Worldworks Games Chunky Dungeons set

  • The front part of the dugout is for benched players, the back part of the dugout (with the stone floor) is for KO’d players and the dead and injured players… well, they’re dead and injured and don’t belong on the board, so there’s no spot for them.

The Turn Track is made from a simple square 25mm base with different plaster rocks (made from a Woodland Scenics mould). I have only put one set down so far and am not sure that I really need another set of them on there… might be too repetitive.

The Score Board, I have not done yet… not sure how to tackle that one yet.

Almost done 🙂





One response

24 06 2010

Hey. Amazing blood bowl minis and scenery. I am not sure if you are still playing. If you are not finished with the turn track i had a small idea. How about having a sort of herder team (like squig herders) herding a troll or something to sit on the stones as the match progresses? “Come on move troll…sit on the stone! No, dont eat it!!”. Just a little idea from me..

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